Top 10 Africa DeathMetal Bands

Death metal is that genre whose energy takes your metal self to another level, whose growls give you positive chills right across your anatomy. The speedy instrumental play is enough to race even the fastest of the cheetahs in our African jungle. Yet again it’s that beautiful genre that we love. What makes Death Metal so powerful to many fans is its versatility. It can blend itself well into any other genre of metal seamlessly It has had a part in the formation and inspiration of many black metal grindcore, doom metal and experimental bands across the globe. Right from Melodic Death Metal to Brutal Death Metal (Slam) right through Deathcore. Death Metal cuts right through your ears like Valyrian steel in a White Walker only that, this is positive energy.

There is quite a lot of massive bands to choose from in our African scene, but after hours of head banging, and a pair of blown out eardrums, we decided on the best ten. Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the Top 10 African Death Metal bands.

Overthrust (Botswana)



Africa death metal band conquerors stint at the top can be said to be a lot of influence world-wide. Overthrust is a band that have made Africa proud as BBC and other famous outlets have covered them. This year during their annual Winter metal mania event, one of the biggest New york media (Wall Street journal) covered them. The Botswanian death metal jugulars have their sounds originated from darkness and blood with that arresting effect when the devilment sounds find its way to your eardrums.

Overthrust was formed in Tshomarelo Mosaka in 2008 and ever since then, they have been creating wrecking sounds that hits the listener hard and brutally grasps the listener by the testicles. They play aggressive music and the chances of hitting you big time are slender at best. They have built a buzz around their native country for their Winter metal mania festival which has grown in numbers from year to year with people from around the world coming to support them and the foreigners also have the chance to see the Botswanian heavy metal culture and the metal scene. Botswana is the only country in the world that i know that competes for who is more metal, you see them dragging iron chains sweating under the sun all in the name of metal, to know more about their scene, click here. Overthrust death metal is savage, their sounds have a raging bite on anything it touches.

The Fallen Prophets (South Africa)

the fallen prophets

The fallen prophets

The Fallen Prophets is a 4-Piece Brutal Death Metal band from Cape Town. While the Capetonian death metallers continue to talk about death and the struggle of life and the pain people face. They have also redefined their deathmetal formula that’d see them smash their way across the continent. Hopefully we would contain the natural disaster when the deathmetal formula is released.

One time i ask Pieter Pieterse, the vocalist of the band ‘Why do you paint your skin with fake bloods during your gigs’, he tells me ‘The fake bloods represents the blood of their enemies which they wear and shed when they are on stage’, NOW THAT IS BRUTAL. Their stage persona is the evil metal itself with Pieter Pieterse groundbreaking vocals coupled with his no fucks are given attitude and Francois Van der merwe shredding skills. If you have ever seen this guys perform, you would know they are ruthless and have that heavy yet standard definition of brutality making you think they don’t exist. This guys are positioned to shake up the death metal scene in South Africa. Their ‘Slaughtered at the Altar’ album is said to burn your fingers as you pick a copy. If you wanna pick a copy, be sure to say that prayer.

Scarab (Egypt)



Hailing from the land of the Pyramids, Scarab has an unmistakable sound to it, to which most of the credit can be given to their savage riffing. Formed of a combination of different musical tastes and personalities, Scarab stand as a united musical entity.

Their lyrical themes being based on ancient Egyptian culture and spirituality, they have stuck true to their origins whilst maintaining a brutal tinge in their music. Scarab in fact was an object symbolizing the holy beetle in ancient Egypt. They’ve released some of the most relentless music in the African Death Metal genre, anchored by Khater’s artillery fire behind the kit who came in this year and Sayeed’s voice is one of the most unique growls that takes the albums ‘Blinding The Masses’ and ‘Serpents of The Nile’ to the next level. Scarab won the “United We Rock” battle and got selected out of 160 bands from the middle-east and pan-Arab countries. They performed at two acclaimed international music festivals, “With Full Force XVI 2009” in Germany (alongside Amon Amarth, Carcass, My Dying Bride and Dimmu Borgir) and “Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009” in UAE (opening for Motörhead, Opeth, Arch Enemy and Chimaira). If all this doesn’t spell an amazing band, I quit.

Lust of a Dying Breed (Kenya)


Lust of a Dying Breed

If you cherish your sanity, then this band is not for you. Listen to any track of Lust of a dying breed and you will lose your perspective on what is real and imaginary. This guys are not afraid to go for what they want, hailing from the cold, central part of Kenya which is Nairobi. The first track LOADB covered was Sonnet of the Wretched by Chelsea Grin so you see how evil and rebellious this guys are. Lust of a Dying Breed are Kenya’s next evil entity causing riots in venues and pissing off the government with Martins Kanja’s impressive rugged bravado and his devastating vocals.

A little deathcore does the eardrums good, though it’s hard to say in strict or definitive terms what constitutes “good” or “bad” deathcore. Add an African touch to that and the case is settled, good it is and precisely amazing. This screaming, destructive, high-kicking mayhem of a metal sub-genre is steps above baseline hardcore in violence or interpretation of the human species. Martin Kanja and co. from LOADB embody all these concepts bravely giving an almost flawless album in _CAT OF NINE TAILS_.

Imperial Destruction (South Africa)


Imperial Destruction

This band was formed in July 2010, with founders Wian Bester (Lead Guitar) and Jason Modryc (Vocalist). Imperial Destruction’s members grew throughout the years with the addition of Joshua Barkley (Bass), Wesely Du Preez (Rhythm Guitar) and Evan Fourie (Drums). This band is nothing short of miraculous when it comes to their tightly death metal emeshing sound that arrests the listener giving him/her a devastating and disillusioning blow from which they might not recover from. If he/she does not recover from the brutality, R.I.P.

Their ‘Ruinous album’ is a brand new take on the band’s undying love for death metal with Wian’s unerringly evil riffs bridging with Jason’s cosmic devilment vocals coupled with Evan’s electric powerhouse deliver drums making the album a dark and an aggressive one. Normally, the vocalist is the focal point of the band, i feel it’s the key to access the band resources. This is where Jason Modyrc comes in, their fanbase has that strong emotional attachment to his vocals and it clearly has that massive effect on people.

Lelahell (Algeria)



Sprouting from the soils of North Africa is the Algerian death metal bands ‘Lelahell’. Lelahell consist of Lelahel the founder of the band who happens to be the vocalist and guitarist. This band has that insistently and subtly epic death metal erupting sound that majestically drives you into a thunderous undercarriage of madness. Lelahell is a name derived from ‘Lelahel’ the 6th angel, believed to belong to the chorus of the cherubs so if your birthday falls in between this dates, you know that Lelahel has been guarding you all your life. The angel ‘Lelahel’ is called the guardian angel of those born between 5th of April and 9th of April. This angel has the Venusian power, prevalent, the embellishment of anything.

Lelahell released an EP in 2010 titled Al Intissar. This EP was widely received in Algeria and other parts of North Africa. They are still an active band and their first full length album called “Al Insane… The (Re) Birth of Abderrahmane” is the real deal. This album is a leap of faith for them, it’s like the longer they go, the more they have to re-evaluate their dreams. Sure give this album a listen and before you know it, the skies are falling down on you.

Wrust (Botswana)



Wrust is a four-piece heavy metal band hailing from Gaborone, Botswana. This band is one of the bands in Africa that has struggled and worked their way up to where they are now and they also play international shows. Inspired by the creative success of their 2007 Souless album, they released Intellectual Metamorphosis in 2013 which was also a success. Wrust is a band that is convincing, straight forward and expectedly wild. Stux Daemon, the founder of the band is a demon, remove the ‘a’ from his governmental name ‘Daemon’ and what you see is a demon embodied in a human skin. His menacing yet sophisticated vocals barks over the top adding thrusts to Wrust songs.

Songs like Hate em all, Spiral of torture, Who is to blame from the Intellectual Metamorphosis album is catchy in an intensely thrusty kinda way. That feeling when your blinded hatred for everything that is living and breathing is to be clouded by their Intellectual Metamorphosis 13 track steamy tracks. The tracks are so saturated with negativity that it would scare your worst enemy. This band is tighter as they have ever been, it seems this band is on a mission.

Vielikan (Tunisia)



Hailing from Tunisia religious atmosphere is Vielikan. They have existed since 2002 through different names (“Death Awakening”, “Ethereal Travel”), the band took shape in 2008, focusing on the first EP “Emotional Void”, self released in 2009. Vielikan produced its first full-length in December, 2010. In March 2011, the band released “Corpses and still no life”, an extreme spontaneous single rooting from the events in homage to the martyrs of the Arabic revolutions.
Corpses and still no life have that awful void sounds of pain and torture, that feeling when you listen to the track and you imagine lost souls screaming from the purgatory. It has that blurry yet maddening feedback coupled with the muslim chantings at the end of the song. I could boast about this band being an otherworldly and devoted band that are surprisingly memorable combining brutality in a surprisingly catchy way.

Bloodbeast (South Africa)



BloodBeast is a South African Death Metal band hailing from the soils of Pretoria, Gauteng. It was founded in 2011 by Van666 Alberts after the demise of a legendary South African Death Metal band ‘Architecture of Aggression’.
The band has released two studio albums to date, namely “Bloodlust” in 2012 and “Out For Blood” in 2014. Both albums is a ready to kill album.

Out of Blood album has that attitude towards violence and evil destruction coupled with a visceral symbol of corruption, it sure leaves an indelible scar on you if you give it a listen. I like how the vocalist, ‘Van 666’ rips the audience in pieces and grinds them up in a pig meat. They have that militant ethos when they are on stage killing everything within a 100 mile radius. If you come near, be sure to expect a third degree burn and if you try to treat yourself, it will be unsuccessful.

Devilspeak (South Africa)



An upcoming band rooted out from the wombs of Capetown in 2015. It seems this guys are really pacing fast considering they have been in the scene for just a year and they recently bagged the best upcoming band in the recently South Africa Metal Music Awards. Devilspeak are a 5 piece death metal band rising from the ashes of Capetown, South Africa. Their Violently leading the blind track got everyone talking as well the pristine production job was on point making the track penetrate into your system plus their lyrical content for Violently leading the blind is more than a match for an assured attack.

At this point it may seem like hype or band service but these guys are the real deal. We have people telling us about their live shows and we feel (album aside) that way really matters for a new band like DevilSpeak. They have their EP in the works and frankly, with all the talk and hype here about them they will have to deliver in full! We have them on this (admittedly) because of the potential. Extra pressure on the band? Yes, can they deliver and sustain? We hope so.

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