Kyle Cayne of Bulletscript NEEDs your Help

You want to know what sucks more than choking on stage during a gig; getting your gear stolen. Nothing tops that for me really. You have to wonder who didn’t raise their kid right to have them become petty thieves. Bulletscript were scheduled to play at the Juggernaut the other day and their band member, Kyle Cayne’s gear was stolen before the gig. The band had to cancel, they had no choice really. That means disappointed fans. The band left a list of what was stolen and trust us, it’s horrid:

1 x Roland TD12 Sound Module
1 x Stagg Drum Hardware case
1 x Pearl Drum Rack DR503 with 13 pipe clamps & 10x Mapex B74 Boom arms
1 x Pearl Remote hit-hat
1 X Pearl snare stand S-1030
1 x Mapex Falcon Hi-hat stand HF1000
1 x Mapex Falcon left handed double bass pedal PF1000LTW
1 x Mapex Heavy Duty Double Tom stand TS950A
1 x SKB Snare case
1 x Pearl Vinnie Paul signature snare VP1480
1 x 10″ Black Panther Blaster Tom
1 x 12″ Black Panther Blaster Tom
1 x SKB Cymbal Case
1 x 21″ Zildjian Z3 Mega Bell Ride
1 x 19″ Zildjian K Custom Dark China
1 x 18″ Zildjian Oriental China
1 x 14″ Meinl Sound Caster top / Byzance bottom Hihats
1 x 14″ Zildjian K top / Z bottom hihat
1 x 10″ Zildjian Avedis splash
1 x 12″ Zildjian Avedis Splash
1 x 11″ Zildjian Zilbell
2 x 19″ Zildjian A Custom medium crashes
1 x 18″ Zildjian A Custom projection crash
1 x Gator 10″ soft drum bag
1 x Gator 12″ soft drum bag

I was calculating the price of all the gears and then I realized how messed up this is, to give you a basic idea, the first gear on this list cost $599.99, used. So you see folks, it sucks ass. Bands invest a lot into what gear they buy. They do researches into every gear they buy. I don’t have a band but it took me about a year to decide if I should get the B. C. Rich Warlock or the Epiphone Special, flash or efficiency huh?

In case anyone knows anything please contact the band or Kyle on their Facebook page, HERE and HERE.

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