Angolan band Dor Fantasma adds Amilcar Gonçalves to their line-up


Photo “by José Alves”

Dor Fantasma, a thrash metal band from Angola welcomes Amilcar Gonçalves as their newest member to the band. So Dor Fantasma’s line-up is complete as Amilcar Gonçalves will be playing the guitar. His last bands were Black Angels, Nothing To Lose and Vodka. We here at the AudioInferno Towers is welcoming him to the band.

We would be talking to Jayro Cardoso soon about the band so it’s best you stay tuned to AudioInferno. These guys are also in the process of recording their album. They’re one of one of the finest bands in the Angolan scene.

Watch out for Dor Fantasma and keep supporting your local bands\m/



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