South Africa upcoming Garage band ‘Runaway Nuns’ releases ‘So Cast away’

Runaway Nuns are an upcoming Psychedelic/Garage/Rock band from Capetown, South Africa. They have just released their second single ‘So Cast Away’Runaway Nuns started writing on November 2015, with their first gig being on January 2016. Since then they’ve been going for gigs regularly and have managed to link up with some of the other bands in the scene there (like The Deathrettes, The Lost Souls, Death Panthers, Drunk Girls, The Valley, Dangerfields). Composed of five members namely Sean Baron – Guitar/vocals, Desmond Kannemeyer – Guitar/vocals, PJ Franzsen – Drums, Sihle Mkhize – Bass/vocals, Noah Kaplan – Tambourine/vocals. Four of them went to high school together and the band is a tight-knit group of close friends.

They make music that is fast-paced, fuzzy and above all, super fun. Perhaps what makes them a bit different is that they have four singers in the band – one lead, three backing and they write music that we would want to hear.

Listen to their second single here

We will do a review of this track and to know more about these guys, go to their facebook page here.

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