Overthrust to tour Germany

Why won’t they be invited?? Overthrust’s songs have reached beyond Africa AND so the band will be touring Germany after an Invitation from International Summer Festival Management at Kampnagel in Humburg, Germany. They’ve always made Africa proud in many ways and  we the guy from Audioinferno are saying kudos to them.

They would be touring and performing with “Ultha” a black metal band from Germany and they would be leaving on Sunday 31st July 2016 till 21st August 2016. How do you think Overthrust have reached the level they are, well, we think it’s because of their dedication, hard work and the countless support so keep supporting your local bands.

On behalf of Overthrust, i would like to take this moment to thank all of you-bands we staged with, our fans and our families for your huge support and contribution to the band and moreover will announce a date for a party and gig in Gaborone before we leave.

Below are the dates and places of scheduled shows and two more shows are to be confirmed soon:

05.08. Friday – Wacken / Wasteland Stage
12.08. Friday – Zürich (Switzerland)
13.08. Saturday – Karlsruhe / P8
14.08. Sunday – Essen/Turock
17.08. Wednesday – Hamburg / Kampnagel

Stay tuned to Audioinferno for the confirmation of these dates, keep supporting your local bands\m/


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