Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Wez Creeper of Dirty Moonshine

Photo credits go to Wayde Flowerday Photography

It’s another Thursday and it’s time to find out the top five videos from another African rocker. This time we are going to be dissecting Wez Creepers (drummer) from Dirty Moonshine top 5 rock videos, sit tight and enjoy.

Freak on a leash by Korn

I chose this video because of the style of filming that was done. The video follows a bullet travelling through a city until it reaches Korn playing in a blacked out room full of bullet holes. This was the first time I had seen anything like this been done. Just a super cool video and great cinematography.

Fiend by Coal Chamber

I chose this video because it shows how people who dress differently are judged and are looked upon with a certain and this related to me as an alternative teenager and stands till this day.

Warriors call by Volbeat

I chose this video because of the pure intensity of the song and it gives you the feeling that you can conquer anything put in front of you in life.

All things must die by Motley Crue

I chose this video because it was Motleys last song that they wrote and recorded as a band before retiring. The video sums up their whole career as one of the biggest rock bands of all time.

Never gonna stop by Rob Zombies

I chose this video because it is based on a legendary movie called “Clockwork Orange” which relates perfectly to Rob Zombies horror shock style. All these bands and songs are a big influence on me and the band in some way and have helped us write the lyrics we have today.

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