Thread of Omen releases ‘Die Luminis’ from their 2nd full length full album

Matthew Cox

No surprises here, they are at it again. The first single, Glory of What from their 2nd full length album received positive reviews and was featured in many popular known African metal blogs and was also included in top tens.

I have been wanting to know the name of their second full length album too.  When their first single ‘Glory of what‘ came out on April 1st this year, I asked Matthew Cox, the guitarist of Thread of Omen, what would be the name of their next album. I love to be in the know see so there! To listen to their first album ‘Palace of the Fathers‘, click here. Anyway,  Matthew told Audioinferno they haven’t decided yet, on the album name. Audioinferno is keen to know. So you guys reading can know. Then everyone knows and on and on till we’re all equally satisfied, yes?

Listen to this awesomeness

Their second single ‘Die Luminis’ is Latin for ‘day of the light’ (bet you all knew that huh?) Recorded with Neil Bezuidenhout and Stephen du Plessis from Moment of clarity. Die Luminis’ is the second single off the new album which has just been finished and they would be planning a launch soon, at the moment they are focusing on making a solid comeback after their mini hiatus and they also have a new drummer (still to be announced) and he would be playing with them at Winterfest on the 30th. He’s a well respected man in the scene and he knows his way around and is a beast behind the kit. So, who is he then? 

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