CREATING THE GODFORM Features Duncan Bentley of VULVODYNIA On Their Debut Single ‘Dead World’

Brutal Down-Tempo Beat down from South Africa!!

This brutality is one of a kind, it’s like you are being punched into the wall as you listen to the jam. I’ve waited patiently for this jam, Pestillence Thariq can confirm this.

The track is titled “Dead World” it is 3 minutes and 27 seconds long, they had Duncan bentley from Vulvodynia and Vomit cake featuring as the guest vocalist on the track. The artwork done for the single was created by Seth greenwood. The lyrics were written by Dylan hicks the vocalist of the band and guest vocals lyrics were written by Duncan bentley.

Listen to this brutal madness

The lyric video has the lyrics to the song so interpret it in your way, you don’t wanna know how I interpreted mine. All i saw and heard was violence. This is a good beginning for the band for I see great things ahead if they continue with this brutality I still can’t get over.

Watch out for Creating the Godform on Audioinferno and keep supporting your local bands\m/


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