Nigerian band The RisingRain breaks up as lead singer goes solo

It’s never great news to hear that a band has broken up in Nigeria especially considering how few bands we have now. So this news hit us really hard here at AudioInferno Towers especially since The RisingRain is one of the relatively older bands that was still around. Michael Otuya confirmed to us that he has separated from the other members of the band. Read his statement:

The reason was mostly because it was a dream of mine that its direction and the direction of our reality were not matching at all. We were a team of fantastic musicians in our individual right, but together the dream of the band to me wasn’t going to fulfill the potential of each of us. I had carried the dream of the band for so long, but it structure and set-up made its actualization in reality tedious.

The question we were faced with after all was said and done was, “in this reality of the Nigerian music scene, how do you get The RisingRain dreams to reality?”

Being the person who embodied the larger part of the vision and dream, I didn’t have an answer, I couldn’t see and I wouldn’t lead anybody blindly. Therefore, I believe that this decision was the only route left. Music is a passion I won’t let it go. So here I am.

While another band bites the dust, we do welcome Michael to the Nigerian rock scene as a solo act and wish him all the best in his endeavours. Michael followed this announcement by immediately dropping his EP and we have two songs available to us. That’s one way to do it! Check them out below:


What do you think? Good or nah? We will do a full review of the EP soon. Stay tuned.

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