Creating The Godform is a brutal downtempo beatdown band from Cape Town, South Africa. Creating The Godform has been around for some time, but have no albums or singles released until now. They released their début single “Dead World” on July 13, and it features guest vocals by Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Vomit Cake. Dead World sounds like a brutal death metal song or a thrash metal song but with all the tempo downplayed, which I believe is where they originated their genre (Brutal Downtempo Beatdown). The sound is slow with the tempo beatdown but still heavy and filled with lots of harsh vocals.

Dead World is a song that assaults the listener with quick downtempo changes, energetic guitar play, death/thrash-like riffing and Dylan Hicks guttural, rhythmic vocal delivery. Within a few minutes of the opener, the technicality of the song becomes clear to the listener, with synth effects used in the first few seconds of the song. This song reminds you of bands like Dying Fetus, Death, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse, though with a more downtempo beatdown sound that makes for good listening.

One positive aspect of this song is that it stands out from other earlier death metal songs from other bands I’ve listened to which I believe is due largely to the new sound and downtempo of the song. The song managed to be super catchy without sacrificing the brutality or resorting to gimmicks, it has that excellent riff/chorus combination that will get the phrase ‘To bear witness to what we have become’ repeating in your head whether you want it there or not. Listen to the song and hear what Creating The Godfrom has offered us as a brutal downtempo beatdown song.

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Seyi Obe

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