Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Moroccan Instrumentalist ‘Sami Jawahir’ (Torment)

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Hello everyone, welcome back to our Thursday thoughts with your favorite artistes from around Africa. We would be taking you to Morocco in the person of Sami Jawahir, he goes solo and he is into Instrumental Progressive metal. Sit tight and enjoy his videos.

Undertow by Martin Friedman

I Think that the combination of the music and the scenes on this video is perfectly well done. You can travel through a huge emotional atmosphere thanks to Marty’s masterpiece all along the track. All the changes which occur during the video can easily be felt through the ups and downs of the guitar scales and notes.

A Rite of Passage by Dream Theatre

I really like the idea of this video where it goes along with the lyrics. It shows the new world order where you have to go through a certain Rite to have access to the new world, a world ruled by pure power of money, a power which controls even people’s souls as written in the first lines of the song “Since the new world order, Played upon our fears, Spreading accusations, Of radical ideas”

White Dove by Scorpions

Whenever I watch this video I really feel the guilt of not doing anything to help humanity but also when I hear the little children singing during the chorus along with Klaus Maine, I feel that the hope is still existing. “For the world to know, That hope will not die, Where the children cry”

One by Metallica

In a world filled with war, Metallica’s One shows what a soldier really suffers from after a long battle against any enemy. The hidden human part which lies inside of him makes him unable to live without inside pain. A pain caused by thousands of murders in the name of war. The best part of the lyrics which is clearly shown throughout the video is where it’s sung “Now that the war is through with me, I’m waking up, I cannot see, That there’s not much left of me, Nothing is real but pain now”

Her Ghost in the Fog by Cradle of Filth

When it comes to darkness, I really like Cradle’s her ghost in the fog. The video shows clearly the atmosphere delivered by the lyrics. The dominance of fear and pain during the song is reflected by the dominance of the main two colors in this video “Black and Grey”.

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