Mac Roc drops Straight From The Heart single

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Nigerian rock music producer Mac Roc has dropped a song titled Straight From The Heart featuring rapper Rymsta Ray. The song is particularly interesting as it features rapping over classic guitar riffs which is certainly different from the norm in Nigeria. However, it is to be expected from Mac Roc who has covered a lot of popular Nigerian songs with his rock covers. I greatly enjoyed the guitar solo at the end of the song. This song has a RoofTop MCs vibe to it which isn’t a bad thing. We need more of that kind of creativity of mixing rock and hip hop. I think it’s one way to break into mainstream Nigerian music. Read the press release below:

Mac Rock Straight From The Heart single cover art

Press Release:

When it comes to making good music and being consistent, Mac Roc is one talented producer that comes to mind. Having dropped a couple of covers and collaborations over the years which all trended and enjoyed massive airplay across the country. He is out with a fresh tune titled “Straight From The Heart” where he features Rymsta Ray, an Abuja based rapper with a difference. This is rock infused with awesome punchlines. Great music. Amazing and clear delivery. One word, this is a masterpiece…

A masterpiece, eh? Well, stay with us for our review of the track to see if we agree with whoever wrote the copy for the press release 😀 Keep with AudioInferno for the latest from the nascent rock music scene on the continent.

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