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The Band:

Monolith is out with a new single titled “Memory Palace II”.  This new single is coming off their upcoming EP titled “Memory Palace”Monolith is a 2 man death metal band with Christopher Paterson who doubles as the guitarist and vocalist and David Mills on the drums. The band originates from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. They sing Death Metal which is a subgenre of Heavy Metal Music. This genre of music originally descended from Thrash Metal Music. It is interesting to see the evolution of a musical genre like brutal/death metal in this part of the world. We are waiting for the more extreme genres to get increasingly larger listeners. “Memory Palace II” sure sounds like a death metal song that tries to strike a balance between heavy and melodic metal music which is not the easiest thing to pull off by extreme metal bands.

The Song:

“Memory Palace II” kicks off with a rather jaunty guitar play at a slow pace for a whole minute. This gives the listener a doom metal feeling. The song switches the tempo by including every other instrument at a furious pace, with blast beats, and heavy guitars riffs. After this, deep guttural growls  follow which gives the listener a feeling that the devil is the one singing. The growls are deep and harsh you can barely make out what Christopher is saying the time. The Melo-death influences show up quickly as the track goes on, with the addition of melodic lead guitar bits coming into play.

The riffs are a bit catchy and simple, though with a poor shed to jam ratio. Though the drumming is generic, it is also consistent, not trying to steal the spotlight of the song. It just remains beneath the vocals and the riffs. Justice is  to the song without experimenting too much with the beats. The song fails to give listeners variations in tempos and mood, that would have kept them guessing what to expect next.


Monolith uses “Memory Palace II” to push the technicality of their songs without forgetting the brutality and speed that fans of death metal always expect. Together all the elements employed on this song created a darker and more brutal song that somehow gives us insight into what to expect on the EP. I would rate this song as a positive effort by the band. “Memory Palace II” will definitely win the hearts of any self-respecting death metal fan.

You can listen to their Debut EP “Legacy of The Opium Eater” HERE

Keep on rocking and watch out for the release of the EP Memory Palace on AudioInferno.

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