Kataklysm’s Kupboard: Suicide Squad

Kataklysm's Kupboard Fashion on Suicide Squad

Welcome to the Episode 3 of Kataklysm’s Kupboard Fashion Program. On this episode, I’ll be focusing on Suicide Squad. 11 days left guys!!!! I have already booked my tickets for 4D for my birthday for my squad!! Can’t wait!!! I am such a fan of suicide squad. Back when I was a solo artist many moons ago I became obsessed with the Joker and what sort of woman he would love…I discovered Harley Quinn and wrote my song “Be the Joker to my Harley Quinn”. That song pretty much started my music leap into the rock band world! What followed was the beginning of my style evolution for stage I suppose, I mean I went from this: Sweet honey pie in t-shirt and shorts.


To fucking Harley Quinn:

Kataklysm to Harley Quinn





Harley Quinn is an infectious character that can’t be shaken off easily. Even Margot Robbie commented on how she has never felt about a character as she has about Harley! So how does this relate to a style blog Kat? Well I have mentioned before it’s hard to find rock fashion stores. So where does one go shopping? Online says the modern child. And where to rockers like to shop online – awww yisssssss – hot topic!!! and they have….. I shit you not……. an entire suicide squad fashion line! Here are some pieces:

Kataklysm'e Kupboard Fashion 10636703_hi 10636721_hi 10638387_hi 10642776_hi


You can see more HERE.

One thing I really appreciate is attention to detail and they really seem to have gone to town with detail here. If you check really closely the red Harley dress you will see all the writing and reference’s to Joker and Harley. Same with the Harley jacket which I WANT!!!!!

Basically, I CANNOT WAIT!!! While we are on the nerd culture topic – Hot Topic have also released a Pokémon Go Fashion line.

Pokemon Go Fashion Line 10391887_hi 10437120_hi 10529515_hi

In other news! I got another band t-shirt!

H&M had a big sale! I saw it there for half of it’s original price…how could I not? More to the collection awww yissssss!!! Moral to the story – in big chain stores never ever buy something when you first see it! It will eventually go on sale and you will then get it for what it’s really worth. As much as i love my new tee it was originally something like R300 wtf!!! I’m a muso I can’t afford that! But at the sale I got it for R100 that I could prove! Always try to prove a buy, you will love the item more seriously! Thus concludes my knowledge of saving and finances.
Right so I have come up with a bit of a challenge for myself. So this super-duper awesome online store called Dolls Kill :

Which I would love to order from but let’s be honest! It’s damn expensive and probably charges here as well when I want to collect the item. At the end of the day it’s not worth it. So I have seen 3 items that I am going to try to recreate. And I will show you guys the results next month…..OMG I am going to regret this….anyway,

Item no. 1:


I really dig this underwear, except I wouldn’t pull those straps up so high. One of my all time favourite movies is a movie called Plush! With Emily Browning of course it’s about rockstars lol. Anyway in one of the scenes she wears underwear like this:

I’ve been obsessed with getting underwear like that since i saw it! So we will see what I can do. I’m thinking it has to be rather strong material and if i can find studs to put on it which is proving impossible sigh!

Item no.2:


Maybe this is a cop-out and super easy…but it’s my first challenge, cut me a break guys! Flannels are everywhere so I’m going to try to find a cheap one and fabric paint the back – should be fun times!

Ok and finally a really cool sports bra:

First off how cute is this model chick? She could turn me lol! Anyway I’m gonna attempt this sports bra as well so let’s see what happens ….got a few other ideas in mind but I’ll keep those to myself!

Anyway it’s my birthday month starting in a few days! AND I WANT SHOES! So the must have item of the month shoes!!!!!!! If you are from Cape Town there is a really cool little store in Woodstock right by the Salt River circle close to the frame and art gallery! Omg such epic shoes guys you gotta check em out! If I can bunk out of work for a bit today I am so heading there!



Maybe I will try to replicate the Edward Scissorhands converse cause those are super cool!

Anyway, peace out creeps! Stay kind to one another and love yourself mwah xxxxxx Kat Aklysm



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