South Africa Metal Music Awards winners talk!

It was a brilliant event at this year’s South Africa Metal Music Awards. Lots of  metal heads came for the event, and the atmosphere was electrifying! We at AudioInferno Towers insisted that each winner of any award must say something to their fans. So we went out and got comments from everyone. Check them out below!

Facing the Gallows for Best Music Video, Best Single and Best Core Band Act.

facing the gallows

We’re really proud and excited to have done so well at the Samma’s. We won Best Music Video, Best Single and Best Core Band. It was a well executed event and we got to hang out with some homies and friendly faces from the local SA scene. Having a great evening filled with kick ass performances, awards and lots of beer! What could be better?

We didn’t really expect to win any of the awards that night though. In all the categories, we were up against some serious heavy weights. Incredible bands who always push the bar higher in music down South. So to walk away with all 3 awards was definitely a fantastic moment in the FTG camp. Especially for our single and music video “Filth”. That track is a killer to play live, we recently did a show where the entire crowd moshed itself to the floor. Don’t ask me how, but that end breakdown really makes people do some wild stuff.

We’re really grateful to have been received so well at the event. And we’re incredibly thankful for our fans who make playing music here so rewarding on its own. And then to get the thumbs up by our peers, that’s definitely a killer cherry on top. We’re super pumped!!


Ohgod for Best Alternative band and Best EP Act


We’re super proud to have been awarded Best Alternative band & Best EP By the South African Metal Music Awards. Thanks to everyone who got us to this point.


DevilSpeak for Best new comer Act


It’s a great honor receiving the award for only being on the scene for about a year. We are a hard-working band, putting more in than we will ever get out, so yeah, it feels awesome knowing that our fans enjoy our music… We could not have done it without the support we get back from the scene, because ultimately the fans voted and we ended up getting the award! So I’d say thanks to all DevilSpeak fans for supporting us from day one! Things will only grow bigger from here, and I feel with the support from the scene bands will be able to up their game and become world-class musos \m/


Krank’d up Festival for Best Festival Act


“When starting Krank’d Up, we never expected any awards or accolades, we just wanted to put on a show that we would like to goto, after all, we are fans before we are promoters. A big thanks to all that voted for us, we’ll try our best to keep pushing the boundaries and supporting great talent ~Duncan Bells.”


Zombies ate my girlfriend for Best Album Act


zombies ate my gf

“We feel very proud to be awarded best album. We put a shit load of work into Retrocide, gnawing at each other every step of the way. Ultimately, that people even know any of the lyrics or songs really is something we’re extremely grateful for. Thank you to everyone involved.”


WarGrave for Best Thrash Metal Act


We are extremely proud to have won this award, there was a lot of strong competition. It would have been awesome to be there and have had the chance to experience the event. We would like to give a massive shout out to everyone that was involved in the South African Metal Music Awards and a massive congratulations to all the other bands that were nominated and who won an award.

South Africa Metal Music Awards

Theatre Runs Red for Best Black Metal Act

theatre runs red

We are truly honored to have been granted the privilege of winning the title of Best Black Metal act in South Africa for the second year in a row. Thank you to all our fans for voting for us and to the judges who came to this decision. We are so grateful!

Boargazm for Best Live Act


Winning the Best Live Act is certainly to us, the most important award as it is something we take pride in. We always strive to make our shows visually appealing all while playing as tight as we can. We will be releasing a lot of new content very soon, and we’ll be touring Brazil in December.

Bleeding Spawn for Best Death Metal Act


We are extremely humble and grateful for winning this award for the second time , winning this award makes us feel extremely privileged to be part of this metal scene. We would like to thank all our fans for your relentless support, without you guys we are nothing.

bleeding spawn

To view the pictures of the event, click here. Support your local bands \m/


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