Zombies Ate My girlfriend And Overthrust To Represent Africa In Germany



Zombies Ate My Girlfriend  is set to represent Africa in Germany in this year’s Wacken Open Air contest. So they would be representing Africa in this year’s Wacken Open Air in Germany, I’m sure they would win cuz their stage performances are always flawless plus they’ve had some great songs, their album ‘Retrocide‘ won the best album in this year’s South Africa Metal Music Awards.


zombies ate my girlfriend

Zombies ate my girlfriend, the first time I listened to them years back when Audioinferno was formed, I knew this band would tour the world. It is said that the crowds lose their collective minds when they are on stage,haha. They are a metal band from South Africa and they have been in the scene for some while now. During this year’s Wacken Metal Battle in South Africa, they emerged as the winners. They made the last brutal stand.

Mikko Kotamäki from Swallow the Sun also had something to say to Zombies ate my girlfriend plus he loves the band’s name,lol.


Well try to survive Wacken. Hope it won’t rain cuz otherwise you’ll be swimming in mud and piss and shit. Drink some good german beer. That always helps and play a hell of a show so people could see metal comes from all around the world and African underground is rising.


Also, Death Metal band Overthrust, from Botswana will be touring Germany and would be performing at this year’s Wacken Open Air contest. Though not as a contestant. From the moment Overthrust came stomping into this world, there have been signs that their lifestyle is just as extreme as their music. Overthrust was formed in 2008 by Tshomarelo Mosaka aka Vulture Thrust and since then, they have been a ground breaking shift in the death metal scene in Africa. There is no hint of humour in this, Overthrust has believed that they would go beyond the walls of Africa to play their music to the whole world to hear, now they have been invited to come play in Germany, to represent Africa and to show them that the African metal scene is ever evolving. They would be leaving on the 31st of July, to know more about their Germany tours, click here.

To know more about the clearly passionate death metal jugular ‘Overthrust’, click here

To know about Tshomarelo Mosaka, the founder of the band, click here and here

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