All Guns Full Ammo releases first single ‘Mud n Murder’

All Guns Full Ammo, now that is a heavy bands name. The band hails from Capetown, South Africa and they give away their riff-savvy mind blowing track in the rock n roll metal style. They have been on the scene for quite a long time playing live shows as well as attending gigs. They have finished dabbling with Mark’s (guitarist) slowly growing home studio and they have a few new tracks in the works, and they are nurturing them carefully. The band is out with a new single titled Mud n Murder.

I like the heavy riffy at the beginning of this track, Listen

So, their new fresh out of the block single, “Mud n Murder” is a 6:30 Progressive-Metal journey song. They recorded it in 2015 and mixed and mastered it in  Mark’s home studio. The other guitarist, Greig, wrote most of the song. He has written about a third of their material, and he does it in an epic and crazy style like Mud n Murder.

Audioinferno asked Brett Rex Bruton, the vocalist of the band what the song meant lyrically

Brett Rex Bruton:

The song tells the story of a hardened soldier– a man bred for the battlefield and made for killing. But as life in the trenches drags on, and nothing changes, he begins to question his purpose. He has grown tired of killing. And he has no desire to die amidst the mud and blood of the battlefield.

But as evil as he believes himself to be, his loyalty will not allow him to abandon his squad. If he’s going to escape this darkness, then they will escape with him.

They can’t turn and run. The only way out it forward. So he embraces his aptitude for violence one last time and, guided by the light thrown by the barrel of his gun, leads them through the war and out the other side – into the light.

But amidst the death and misery, he realizes; this is where he belongs. And in the end, he returns home – to the mud, blood and murder of the battlefield.

The obvious metaphor is that everyone has the potential to be more than they believe themselves to be. But it means embracing every part of who you are. We are, very simply, the sum of our parts – the “good” and the “bad” – and it’s how you decide to grow those parts that determine the sort of person you become. You may find that it’s in the parts of yourself you’d prefer hide from that you find the most purpose and who knows; embrace them and you just might like it.

This is their first song off their upcoming 2016 album and they have also stopped playing live for the foreseeable future ahead of them, they want to concentrate on their upcoming album.

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