Where are Indie Rock band The Dirty Skirts?

Hey everyone.

I know it’s been a minute (and I know I always start this segment with an apology). Anyways I’m back and this time I’m going to be all up in your faces. That being said, I think it’s best we jump right into it. I ran into this band on YouTube (it’s always YouTube isn’t it?) on one of my many video watching marathons and they stuck out like a sore thumb.

The Band:

The Dirty Skirts are an indie rock band formed in Cape Town by Jeremy de Tolly (singer), and guitarist, David Moffatt. Including Maurice Paliaga on bass, and Mark de Menezes on drums later on; the band has gone ahead to release one EP, three albums and one Collection album over the years since their inception in 2004.

I stumbled on the video of a song called Homewreckerthe single off their first full-length album On a Stellar Benderand went on to check out other songs by the band. Of all the songs I heard, Strike the Matchreally stood out for me. Its unique upbeat Post-Punk revival progression shows just how much the band has grown over the years and how they have taken their rightful place in the African Indie Rock scene.

Although the band has been quiet for a while (where exactly are they? Does anyone know? Please tell us!), something tells me we won’t have to wait for too long to hear new things from them. [Editor’s note: You have powers to see the future now? Who’s getting gold at the Olympics?!] That being said I think it’s safe to bring this “rant” to a close. For those who haven’t listened to the band I highly recommend that you check out “Strike the Match” above and buy their collection album on iTunes. Like we always say keep supporting African bands!


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