Nethercyst Welcomes Paulie Rahilly To The Band As Lead Vocalist

Nethercyst has been on a mini-hiatus for some while now, I thought they have even disbanded even but when Gage Ridley buzzed Audioinferno and told us they are back from the mini-hiatus with a new sick vocalist (Paulie Rahilly), we were glad to hear this news here at the Audioinferno towers.

Paul Rahilly was on the band Insomniac diaries before he left the band and since then he has searched for a band for some time now. He has been in and out of some projects here and there but none were set in stone. If you follow us here at Audioinferno, you would know Insomniac diaries have disbanded, to read the article, click HERE.

Paul Rahilly needed a band where he could portray his emotions through his vocals. He was nearly on the verge of actually retiring his vocals and putting his dreams to rest but Nethercyst came along and offered him a vocal position. After the band heard his tracks and feeling the vibe of his vocals, they recruited him. Nethercyst provides him with an element of music where he can truly be himself.


So we asked Paul Rahilly some questions

Audioinferno: Which other bands did you audition for before Nethercyst found you.

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

Yes I auditioned for Creating the Godform but sustained a vocal injury and did not want to delay the success of my friends and fellow musicians. I really enjoyed what Creating the Godform was putting out but I did not have a lot of time to perfect what they were asking. I lost my voice for some time but I managed to get over it and continue with my style of vocals which is Hardcore and Nu-metal influenced.

Audioinferno: Why did you really exit from insomniac diaries?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

To be brutally honest, I saw no progress and ambition left in the band. I also found that my style of vocals was not complimenting the style of music and I eventually decided to call it quits. After I quit, the band unfortunately did not continue. On the good side of things, the original members of Insomniac Diaries are shredding it out with Crooked and doing a damn fine job.

Audioinferno: What do you think your style of vocals is and why did you say your vocals wasn’t complimenting the band ?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

My vocals have a lot of anger and hate felt within it. I enjoy portraying my vocals in a creepy nightmarish style that paints an image for the audience. I have a lot of influence from bands like King 810, Veil of Maya and Slipknot. Insomniac Diaries was more alternative, hard rock influenced and I was throwing down some deathly heavy metal vocals. It may have appealed to some fans but I really needed something heavier.

Audioinferno: Creating the godform is a very heavy band, why did you have a vocal injury?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to practice the vocals they craved. I had also just recovered (or so I thought) from a throat infection. So I was trying to take my vocals as low as possible but ended up backfiring on me. However, the vocalist they have now does justice to what they were looking for and I couldn’t be any happier for my friends as most of the members are close friends of mine. At the moment, I have fully recovered and sticking to the style that I am familiar with, but that does not mean I won’t stop experimenting with new influences!

Audioinferno: So Nethercyst have been on a mini-hiatus, how did you feel about it?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

I feel that it was a good move instead of disbanding. During Nethercyst’s hiatus, I could see how determined they were to tear up the stage and spread their music. Nethercyst were also on the verge of disbanding due to the fact that they were struggling to find a compatible vocalist. We were destined to be <3 haha

Audioinferno: There are lots of hardcore influenced bands in the South African local scene. Which are your bests?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

Damn homie, too many to name, haha but not all the bands are hardcore. Bands that have captured my heart recently would have to be Peasant, Oh God, Devil Speak, Dead End, The Alpha Sequence and plenty more. Ooooh and cannot wait for Reverse the Sands to return to the stage.

Audioinferno: Great so when would you guys start recording?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

Our guitarist (Gage) has already started tracking guitars for our upcoming EP. By August/September, we should have the new Nethercyst single out in preparations for our EP.

Audioinferno: Tell the readers what to expect from the band?

Paul Rahilly of Nethercyst:

We cannot wait for you and everyone to hear what we have planned. We are planning to bring you an EP where every song will get stuck in your head and have you chanting the twisted lyrics. At every performance, we have made the promise to offer an outstanding show with plenty of moshes and grizzly hugs. Our aim is to bring you the best metal we can offer! plus I get to wear face paint. I will be going through a proper initiation at our first show so that should be entertaining haha.

Audioinferno would formally like to congratulate and welcome Paul Rahilly as the lead vocalist for Nethercyst .

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