(Song Review) Invincible by Lazywall

Lazywall Invincible


The Band:

Lazywall aren’t newcomers in the business, with three albums in the pocket already despite all challenges and hiccups, they are obviously serious about creating great music for fans. Invincible their latest single was released on YouTube on the 11th of July 2016 and its proof that these rockers from Morocco have taken yet another step in the right direction.

The Song:

The song kicks off with light strumming on the electric guitar followed shortly by vocals by lead singer Nao. The drums come in after the first half of the verse and keeps the song at a steady pace until we get to the chorus.

The drumming pumps up at the chorus as Nao’s pitch gives us a taste of his vocals range. The lead guitar also becomes prominent at the background of the song and the bass guitar roars to life.

The second verse takes the same route as the first, the only difference being that the drums come in at the very start. After the second chorus, the song proceeds to an emotional climax at the bridge as Nao sings “Whose gonna catch you if you fall, it’s not gonna be me…” after which the song ends with a repeat of the chorus.

Lyrically, the message of the song is pretty straight forward and from listening one can easily understand that the protagonist is frustrated by the attitude of someone who is not as strong as he/she portrays. It is very relatable and will definitely leave listeners wanting more.

Invincible is a standard modern rock song from a band that has very strong grunge roots. The grunge elements were quite clear but blended in such a way that it didn’t come off as forced.


In conclusion, this song can be played over and over without losing its spunk, it draws you in and keeps your attention till the end. I simply can’t wait for what the rest of the album has to offer.

Final Rating:


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