Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Sara M. Eksteen of Polar Dust

polar dust

Welcome back to our Thursday Thoughts Playlist from your favorite rock bands around Africa. So this week we would be taking you to South Africa to meet with the lead vocalist of the post-hardcore band ‘Polar Dust‘, ‘Sara M. Eksteen’. Sara M Eksteen formed Polar Dust in 2006 in Iceland before returning to her homeland of South Africa to explore its culture and music scene. Polar Dust was featured on the international compilation ‘Absolute GrrrlsManifesto’ released by the label Alfa Matrix featuring other underground bands with female vocalists. Polar Dust released their début album “Into The Burning Water” in November 2014, and then embarked on an album tour the following year. Sit tight, press play and enjoy a lovely playlist from a beautiful vocalist.

The Playlist

Corporate Cannibal by Grace Jones

She has always pushed boundaries in the music industry and stayed unpredictable. This video for me, just represents her weird and wonderful way of doing things and not worrying what the world thinks, rather confidence in herself.

Carrion Flowers by Chelsea Wolfe

First of all, wicked track! She is one of a kind in this genre. A real stand-out artist. This is the first time in 2016 I have seen anyone doing anything evolved in the goth scene. This video is simple yet emotive and rather powerful when the simple animations come in. I have always been a fan of the term “Less is more”

 Long Horn by Woven Hand

Alongside Chelsea Wolfe, Woven Hand must be my favourite band of this century. A dark cowboy country rock band. David Eugene Edwards (Singer) creates the nostalgic cowboy yet almost deranged religious atmosphere in his music. This video’s animation carries that theme really well with a narrative in an old Wild Western theme.

Wasting by The Soft Moon

Another band that has evolved the gothic genre this century. Fantastic song with Deep bass lines and a nostalgic emotion yet quite uplifting lyrics which is quite unusual for a goth band. The video also depicts a narrative and plays with the mind in a way with the twist at the end.

North Star by IAMX

Once again great song! IAMX will always have a special place in my heart with their melodies. This video is quite picturesque, very current and beautiful cinematography. Always elevates you from your seat into captivating, inspired enlightenment.

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