BLOOD BROTHERS At Carnival City – Zolani Mahola Is The New Recruit For 2016

Back: Rian Zietsman, Jason Hinch, Hunter Kennedy, Albert Frost, Francois van Coke, Kobus de Kock Jnr., George van der Spuy, Loedi Van Renen, Front: Zolani Mahola, Isaac Klawansky, Photo by André Badenhorst


The formidable BLOOD BROTHERS made history as South Africa’s first rock group to join the Vrede Foundation in the fight against cancer, when they banded together at the Carnival City on 18 July 2015 and at Grand West Casino on 23 September 2015. The Vrede Foundation’s aim is to generate awareness among young South Africans (aged 15-29) about cancer. They also intend to raise funds to give financial aid to young South Africans suffering from the disease. Ten of the biggest names in SA rock were recruited to destroy the stage with their songs and the songs from their favorite international bands (which influenced their sound), during a killer 3-hour long set.

2015’s line-up:

Arno Carstens (Springbok Nude Girls), Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar), George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence), Albert Frost (Blues Broers), Kobus de Kock Jnr. (Black Cat Bones), Hunter Kennedy (Fokofpolisiekar), Rian Zietsman (Taxi Violence), Jason Hinch (ex-Black Cat Bones, Boargazm), Isaac Klawansky (Shadowclub) and Loedi Van Renen (Taxi Violence)

Not only did the Blood Brothers draw thousands to come out and show their support; they also recorded a war anthem, People Gotta Know, to create another avenue to raise funds for the Vrede Foundation:

These joint efforts garnered massive success and captivated the attention of media and fans alike. 2016 sees the Blood Brothers thirsty for more and ready to conquer a wider territory for the cause.

Get ready for another massive Blood Brothers concert at Carnival City on the 9th of September 2016.

The original line-up will see Arno Carstens exit, but they are shaking things up and refining their winning formula with the recruitment of their fabulous sister, Zolani Mahola from Freshlyground.

This beloved charismatic performer needs no introduction.  Zolani is iconic and one of the best entertainers our shores’ stage has ever hosted… and she is ready to add her unique flavor to the Blood Brothers mix.

Zolani is very much looking forward to being a part of this set-up:

“I am so excited to be a Blood Brother this year because it means I can rock out with some of my favorite colleagues and rock legends of our time. Possibly the only thing better than that is that we are bringing attention to and lending our voices in the fight against an invisible but lethal enemy – cancer. If you have known anyone who has fought against this dreaded illness then you will understand how important it is for me to lend my support to those suffering. I’m thoroughly pleased to wear this badge of honor as the first female Blood Brother and walk in solidarity with my rocker comrades. Aluta continua!”


Date: 9th September, 2016 

Venue: Carnival City
Doors open at 8pm – 11pm
Tickets at TicketPros – Range from R250-R395 –



Twitter: @BloodBrothersSA

Vrede Foundation:


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