The Deathrettes releases their debut single “Animal” and releases a live video of their second song “Neptune”

The Deathrettes is an upcoming Garage groove rock band from Capetown, South Africa . They started at the end of 2015 and they have released 2 songs already.The band members are Dylan Rooibokkie (Black Lung) on lead vocals and guitar, Warren Fisher (The Future Primitives, The Dyna Jets, Black Lung) on rhythm guitar, Michael Clarke on bass and Charl Stemmet on drums.

Their first single “Animals” was released on May 16th 2016, to know more about this track. The band has some major influences from psychedelic rock and a bit of garage groove in there…. Hmmmm, yesssss, Psych! Tasty. Their new single, titled Animal just got released and we have it here for you to listen. You are majorly welcome and we won’t be accepting thanks for that, credit to the band really! Weeks after, they are back with another live video of their second single called “Neptune”. Nice video.

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