Alaskandar releases first track from their upcoming album ‘Rita’

First Alaskandar performance in the streets of London

Alaskandar also known as Alexandre Tartiere is an Indie solo singer from Morocco. Although, he has a guitar player that helps him during live performances. Since Alexandre studies in the UK, they rehearse separately.

“Rita” is the first song recorded and released from Alaskandar’s first album. They are now recording the rest of their album in Morocco. Which means “Rita” is actually part of a trilogy.


It’s a semi-imaginary character from the Dark Ages. A daughter of an evil king drowning his people into ignorance, in a kingdom where emotions are sin. One day she hears a bird sing such a beautiful melody she drops a tear. Therefore, getting chased by the evil king. While running away, she comes across a religious book and thinks she’s found the answer to her questions. Actually, she will become somehow as possessed as her father is insane. The latter is what “Rita” is about, her possessed quest for answers. Finally, in the 3rd and last part of the trilogy she goes to heaven where her friends and family and everyone she’s hurt welcome and forgive her.

The song was recorded in Kénitra (Morocco) in Alexandre Tartiere’s studio. He actually did everything (writing music & lyrics, recording each instrument and production ) except guitar solo by Yahya Zitan.

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