OneDaySky shines bright with ‘Aporia’ video

Aporia is a brand new track by South African band OneDaySky. This band has been in the South African scene for quite some time. Their last original release was in 2011 however they did release 2 covers, one in 2012 and  another in 2016. The band released their first EP called ‘Dancing in Cursive’ in 2010 and their self titled EP in 2011.

I loved how this band experiments with new sounds. It is important to note that this band started as a post rock band and now they have redefined their sound to mix of electronicore and post-hardcore. The level of experimentation OneDaySky has undergone is amazing and the willingness to redefine their sounds is what keeps Metal alive.

Let’s hear what Eric BarnFather has to say about their redefining sound

Eric BarnFather (Guitars and Vocals):

We started off as a post rock band. Incorporating a mainstream/radio friendly sound into a much heavier, powerful beat and phrase driven music in a progressive sense. Our image was that of a college rock band and we have now rebranded into a darker, deeper look and feel. Which complements our new current sound.

Two years after their release in 2011, they stopped playing shows. They began pre-production for new material at the end of 2013. It took a lot of time for them to plan their reinvention and rebranding for the past 3 years. Their new single and direction is completely different from when they started.


The lyrics were written by their vocalist, Clinton Watts. The song was produced, recorded and by him as well at his studio, Watts Productions. But it was mastered by Kris Crummett.

Eric BarnFather (Guitars and Vocals):

The lyrical content of this song portrays a person repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results and ultimately settles for what he/she believes to be the best they can get. Therefore not willing to accept that there is better out there and not allowing the right choices to determine their future decisions.

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