Playlist: Thursday thoughts with Nihil of Nephilim

Welcome back to your favorite Thursday Thoughts rock videos from your favorite rock artist from around Africa. Today, we would be dissecting Thursday Thoughts with Nihil (Vocalist) of the brutal death metal band Nephilim from South Africa. Sit tight and enjoy!


Thunderkiss ’65 by White Zombie 

I have been a fan of these guys from way back in the day. Most kids these days only know of Rob Zombie post White Zombie era. Which isn’t really the same vibe. But they were early, dirty, and groovy! This is one of their later tracks, (one of the more well-known) and is a pretty awesome example of their style. Early industrial groove metal.

 Primal Concrete Sledge by Pantera

Pretty much any kid trying to be METAL would throw something like “Walk” into the list. It’s cool, but there’s more to Pantera than just one (dare I say it, but it’s kinda what it has become) “club anthem”. Primal Concrete Sledge is hard, fast, heavy, and a bit dirtier than most of their songs. For me, Pantera has always been a huge inspiration, and Phil is one of my vocal idols.

 Sp Lit by Chimaira

Well, what can I say about this…it’s off of their début album, “Pass out of Existence”, which was in drop A tuning (supposed to drop C on the following releases). A lotta people only really got into Chimaira from their following album, “The Impossibility of Reason”. To me, this was a lot darker and their sound was really raw, the sort of thing you’d expect from a band trying to find THEIR sound. It had nu-metal (slightly industrial) elements, but they were definitely in a class of their own.
And yeah, I’m a fan of Rob Arnold’s guitar style.

Zen by Strapping Young Lad

I’ve pretty much-loved SYL since the first time I ever heard them. Devin Townsend is (to me, personally) one of the most incredible, talented, visionary artists of our time, and that’s putting it mildly. I could ramble on for ages about how incredible he is and why I have the utmost respect for him, but just listen to this (and anything else he’s involved in musically).

 Demiurge by Meshuggah

Seriously? It’s Meshuggah. If you don’t know why they’re incredible then there’s pretty much no hope for you.

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