Interview with the beautiful Ryma Nakkach of Nawather, Part 1

Ryma Nakkach is the lead vocalist of the Tunisian band called Nawather. She happenes to be a dynamic lady, who pushes the creative element of the band farther beyond the walls of Africa. A major factor of the band’s desirability is their choice of tunes, they blend ‘Malouf‘ (king of Arabic elements) to their sounds which gives them a much wider audience. Enjoy the Interview We split it into two part simply because we couldn’t stop asking questions.

Austin of Audioinferno: Austin  here, from, introduce yourself please

Ryma :

I’m Ryma Nakkach, the singer of Nawther and I am from Tunisia.

A.I : When did you join the band?

Ryma :

I joined the band on October 2013.

A.I : Were you the 1st vocalist of the band?

Ryma :

Yes the band was found in 2013, i was the first vocalist of the band.

A.I : So how did you get to join the band?

Ryma :

I was approached by Raouf Jelassi on October 2013 and after meeting with the rest of the band members, they thought my voice was exactly what they needed and they asked me to join the band and I said YES.

A.I : How did you feel when they asked you to join the band?

Ryma :

I felt that it was a big challenge for me and most likely tend to defy challenges whenever they come into my personal life thus I was really excited and had a lot of fun while discovering the music that the guys have composed.

A.I : Awesome so at what age did you start to sing on stage?

Ryma :

My first start at singing on stage was when I was 5, that was a magic moment that I can never forget, I was the leader singer of the school chorale. In that moment I discovered the real sense of belonging to music, so I decided to believe and carry on.

A.I : So what was the first cover of song you covered and when was that?

Ryma :

My first cover of song, I covered when I was 12, it was a song of the Tunisian folklore music (Malouf) and its name was “Naouret tbou”. This song was suggested by my violin teacher.

A.I : Awesome,  so tell us, do you play any instruments ?

Ryma :

Unfortunately, I play violin only.

That there response cracked us a bit. Couldn’t help ourselves.  😆


A.I : So as a teen growing up, what bands did you listen to?

Ryma :

Dream theater, Opeth and Porcupine tree were my favourite bands then I discovered Diablo swing orchestra and I was really addicted to their music and Symphony X is an inspiring band for me, Orphaned land too.

A.I : Wait, no way? Dream theater!! So you love Petrucci riffs and solos?

Ryma :

Yup of course, i remember how i was so addicted to “Dance of eternity and Home”.

A.I : Like dance in the rain or dance in your room?

Ryma :

hhhhhhhhh, not really

A.I : Hold on a sec, The ‘hhhhhh’ ,what does that mean, are you laughing?

Ryma :


A.I : Haha so in Tunisia, if someone wants to laugh virtually, it’s hhhhh?

Ryma :


hhhhhhhh= hahahahahahaha
A.I :See that there, we just learnt something. Nice, you know in Audioinferno, we try to learn cultures be it traditional culture or any other thing we could learn while interviewing a band so readers can view it.
Ryma :
A.I : Yeah so you are gonna translate something for me in your language?
Ryma :
Ok you’re welcome
A.I : OK, you ready?  It is all about the METAL” translate that!
Ryma :
كل شيء عن موسيقى المعدن
it’s weird in arabic,hhhh

A.I : Yeah it is, haha so what was the first rock song you listened to that made you addicted?

Ryma :

Lethe by Dark tranquility made me addicted and my father used to listen to Pink floyd, The Eagles and Metallica so I discovered the genre when i was very young so I discovered this style of music when I was very young and I remember that I was a fan of Guns n Roses and I used to imitate the voice of Axl Rose and his way of singing.

Her dad’s awesome, clearly!

A.I :  So tell us, since 2013, how many albums have Nawather put out?

Ryma :

Wasted years is the only album we have, it’s the first album and Nawather is a new band.

A.I : Was it hard recording and producing your first album, we like to think these things aren’t always straightforward?

Ryma :

Recording the album wasn’t really hard. All the members of Nawather have the same vision for “building” the Tunisian metal. In other words our work was “in harmony” and i insist our music is Tunisian metal not oriental metal.

There is a huge difference but let me say we had few difficulties in finding the right targets for mixing and mastering our music because we need to keep the “Tunisian touch” and fortunately we did the right choices and we cannot deny that actually we have a few difficulties in fundings in order to make our first video clip.

A.I : So you’re saying Nawather doesn’t have any oriental elements as part of the definition of your sounds whatsoever?

Ryma :

The definition of oriental metal is always related to “Arabic” sounds, but the Tunisian music is really different, as the Algerian music, the Moroccan one also. Our music is the collision of metal and the folkloric music of Tunisia “Malouf”.

I invite you to listen to “Malouf”, certainly, you will figure out the difference.


Eyes wide open folks you don’t want to miss the next bit of the interview with Ryma Nakkach. We ask you to be on the lookout for that there and as always folks, support your local bands /,,/


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