Sinprophecy conquers Egypt with “War Shall Begin” their first official video

The Egyptian Metal Scene met one of the strongest Metal pieces in 2016. Sinprophecy, one of the popular Metal bands in Egypt, released their first music video “War Shall Begin“. No one can deny that Sinprophecy is one of the most active Egyptian Metal bands this year. Before talking about the video itself, I should mention that the number of produced music videos in The Egyptian scene is really limited so Sinprophecy chose the hard way to deliver their message. Salute.

I liked the way the video started. It was started with few scenes of “the main characters,” Epram Ezra, Khaled Adriano and Bassem Ragab, and of course the band members. The way the band appeared carried a high degree of harmony all throughout their performance during the video. The video discusses many concepts which are highly connected to Sinprophecy’s themes. The band declared their refusal against the chains of fault and sin around the whole mankind. Sinprophecy didn’t mean one exact war, but they mean the immortal war between the right and wrong, the war between good and evil, a war to save one’s own soul and identity from the world and its rules and matters, the war between the society and the man. The man is tied in the center of this world and all he refuses revolved around him that’s why objects like chains and ropes appeared in the video. At this point we pause and mutter “…that’s deep guys, really deep.” Watch the video below:

The band used darkened makeup, black clothes to reflect the consequences of the war as wounds, blood, ashes, destruction, pain and depression. Many scenes focused on the idea of being a victim of your own guilts. This is war is original, once you are human, you will be involved in this war.

The video also carried more complicated ideas as the idea of the inner voice. As we saw the victim in the video who is Lord Epram, replaced with the vocalist of Sinprophecy Sayed Ragai in many scenes especially the scenes of fight. So, the whole band is just a reflection for what’s inside our victim. The universality, this issue is for all people, not me, not you but us.

Back to the characters of the music video, the main scenes of the video revolve around the Executioner and the Tyrant. The Tyrant used the Executioner as a punisher and tool of torture. The Tyrant and how he used his Executioner is just a reflection of what the human live through everyday. A lot of decision you are forced to make. Family and Society could be the Tyrant and rules, manners, hobbies, money, property, and customs could be the Executioner. To sum up, the war is not the war of armies, weapons and guns. The war could be inner with destructive feelings and thoughts or it could one vs all.

The music itself is based on combining the depressed tunes of Doom music with the powerful dynamic Melodic Death notes. The track starts with classic cello and keys touches as opening for the war. The darkened tunes of the guitars with spoken part as the exposition for the plot. From 1:00 to 3:14 the riffs became faster to reflect the rise of the actions with the scenes of fight in the video. The solo carried the real taste of tragedy and pain. The climax of this tragedy came when all voices started to shout with one sentence “War Shall Begin.” Another notable thing regarding the music is the symphonic presence which gave the music an epic taste. The vocals were actually very good. They were full of hatred, anger and pain. The quality and the recording process were also brilliant.

War Shall Begin” is a new surprise Sinprophecy delivered to the Egyptian Metal Scene after their latest single “Echoes Of Silent Hymns” ft. Nour Khan.

This article is written by Rana Atef, a guest author. Rana is a bookworm who loves reading in all genres. Her passion to reading is as the same to music and writing. She started listening to classic music as well as symphonies by the age of 9, then she shifted to pop, and finally shifted to and metal.

She started to write lyrics at the age of 16 and she participated with The Egyptian Doom Metal Band “Midwinter” in writing their first EP “A Portrait Of Doom” lyrics. She is also one of the admins of The Egyptian Metal Scene page as DaRk~~KniGhT. One of her greatest choice is joining Rock Era Magazine and focusing more on The Egyptian Metal bands stuff.http://@DarkKni27577647

She can be reached via email mail, Facebook facebook Rana Atef and Twitter twitter @DarkKni27577647


NOTE: AudioInferno doesn’t assume credit for the pictures taken and used in this article, full credit goes to the band and the photographers of the picture.


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