Interview with the beautiful Ryma Nakkach of Nawather, Part 2

And we are back with the rest of the interview with Ryma Nakkach! We had to make it a two part interview, the questions kept coming fast. We usually score these interviews ask we make requests for them but we also get excited like fans would when the questions start coming out, so enough with the small talk…


A.I : Awesome, you told me that the Tunisian metal music is really different? Is it because of the ‘Malouf”?

Ryma :
Nawather is the first Tunisian band who used this collision, it was our challenge thus the music of Nawather is different. The music of Nawather is Tunisian Metal and we provide a special kind of music. Apart from our influence by many well-known occidental figures, we are among the first who choose to marry Qanun, the king of Arabic instruments to metal music.

A.I : That’s great to hear so this Qanun, who plays it in your band?

Ryma :

Nidhal Jaoua is the player of Qanun in the band.


A.I : hhhhh, okay so give me a number of the greatest crowd that have been to your show and where?

Ryma :

The number of crowd of metal concerts in Tunisia is not as several years before so the greatest number will be 300 and it’s the biggest crowd you may have here in Tunisia.

A.I : So you saying the crowd is not much as before and why is that?

Ryma :

It’s related to the political situation in Tunisia so after the revolution of 2011, many of concerts were cancelled or postponed and that’s why the crowd is not much as before.

A.I : What does Nawather means?

Ryma :

It’s a Tunisian musical mode. Nawather is related to the Tunisian music.

A.I : How often do your band rehearse?

Ryma :

Rehearsing is really important for the band and that’s why we often rehearse.

A.I : How many times in a week?

Ryma :

3 times at least.

A.I : Any last words to your readers.

Ryma :

I love you all.


So that’s all you need to know about Ryma Nakkach. Support Nawather by getting their album, great music they got.

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Support your local bands\m/


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