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I want to ask you all a question, is it wrong for a musician to wear their own band tee? Is it considered arrogant? I guess at my bands level it’s fine, nobody really knows who we are yet so if I’m wearing a Killing Machine Tee and people ask about it, I can say oh it’s my band blah blah blah because I’m not known.

But on a higher level do you think it’s wrong? Or is it good? Comments?

I mean they did….

So aside from my totally majestic hair, what do you guy’s think of the new addition to my rock tee collection?! It was my birthday and I finally got a tee I have wanted since I was 17! I celebrated in the only fashion I know how – I went to a rock karaoke and sang WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE in my MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE TEE!

Kat Crooked FashionLiterally my life feels complete. Isn’t it amazing how merch from your favorite band feels like more than just a tee. I don’t know what it is about band merch but there’s something special about it. Yes, I’m also one of those obsessed fans who went and ordered the My Chemical Romance Collectors package from the Alternative Press –  It was my birthday gift to me! I cannot wait for it to arrive! However, living in South Africa with our postal service, I will probably get it in let’s say 2065?

Kat Crooked Fashion

London Fashion Week

So it was London Fashion week this month and the talk is that they were “bringing back rock n roll” specifically 70 glam rock era, right, ahem, look:

Kat Crooked FashionRight, ok. I kind of get the slip dress thing, Taylor Momsen used to have it as her thing when she started out on the rock scene, but I don’t really see how this is specifically rock other than being kinda promiscuous. Then this happened: Kat Crooked Fashion

An item like this might be sitting in the back of McJagger’s wardrobe but otherwise, WHAT?Kat Crooked FashionThen they found a model who looked as close to Courtney Love as possible and just stuck a bunch of random items on her. OK, the coat thing is kinda rocker. Also I would totally get that bra top. But I don’t see how that whole thing is “fashion.”Kat Crooked FashionIt was declared that sheepskin is the in thing – yeah ok rock stars have been known to wear fur coats but is more insane asylum chic.  Kat Crooked FashionWrapping a plastic packet around your head is extremely rock n roll! I’m wearing one now! Ok, kidding. they did say that knit-wear was very in, which it is, even here! So they thought let’s pair it with leather pants and it’ll look rock. Ha! Actually, I am a huge knit-wear fan and think it’s comfortable but still looks über cool – it has a tick from me! Kat Crooked FashionThe bloggers conclusion to fashion week was that sequins and sparkles are in, yeah I get that 70s rock n roll thing I can buy that. And I might wear that dress in the middle. So, I can kind of see the influences from the rock stars of the glam 70s era. (I thought glam was more 80s but that’s what the fashion peeps say). But I honestly don’t like any of it – it’s all a bit “we are trying to be different and weird – but we don’t want to scare conventional people away”. Which I get, they want to make money, but I guess I’m more of a go big or go home person. I pretty much rock up to work everyday dressed as a different character because I am slightly insane, let’s be honest. But I do understand why they went  that route.

However, I am not a designer girl, really but Gucci made this and I am in LOVE!Kat Crooked Fashion

It is utterly beautiful with just the right amount of rocker in it with just enough femininity. Once again – I LOVE IT!

Finally I went to Suicide Squad and it was AMAZING! I really don’t care what the critics say – as a long term Harley fan it was wonderful! I saw it in 2D and then in 4D cause I’m cool like that Anyway, I decided to dress up and I wore my brand new pure silver jacket – you know a throwback to the time when raves were cool! Kat Crooked Fashion I will give you guys a full picture next month – including the results of the challenge I set myself.

Until next month – love yourselves and stay crooked! ONLY 2 MORE MONTHS TILL THE CROOKED ALBUM IS RELEASED!

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