What is happening in the Kenyan rock scene?

Greetings ye AudioInferno faithful, It’s been some months. Over on the east side of Africa, specifically Kenya, our scene has made big strides over the past few months. Well apart from the ‘winter’ finally coming, which is about to end, we have had several concerts. Anyway, what exactly has happened in the Kenyan rock scene? I’ll try to answer.

Picture from the Battle Of the Bands

On 7th August, a number of bands held a Battle of Bands contest at Nairobi. The contest went on well, fans turned up. Many fans in our scene are the online fans, not the, you know, concert going revelers. These are the radio ninjas. That aside, the band line up consisted of Seeds of Datura, Power Slide, Members of Lust of A Dying Breed, Last Year’s Tragedy, Aphasia and Rash. Seeds of Datura is a supergroup consisting of LOADB’s Martin Kanja on harsh vocals, Irony Destroyed’s Lawrence Muchemi on drums, Dani on clean vocals and an incredibly talented array of new instrumentalists in the scene. Their genre would be classified as alternative metal infused with death elements. Power Slide on the other hand is a punk rock band, and those guys can pull strings, call them State Champ’s clones. For a moment I thought I were in Knuckle Puck’s concert.

In release news Andromeda Studio, are drumming up for the release of their 12 track compilation Underscore The Architect album set to be out in October. Three singles have been released so far, with the latest being last week’s Remember Me featuring Rish. You can find the song below.

Then they also released A Great Escape featuring David Mburu of Last Year’s Tragedy and Sam of Rash which is below!

There is another one which features Dun Muriira of Parking Lot Grass. I am very much stoked for this album, the details of the rest of the artists featured will be out when the album is launched, so keep it locked here. The seamless integration and interaction of our Kenyan bands is breathtakingly amazing. Andromeda Studio are doing an epic job in bringing together our artistes.

There is a new band in town, Bassiiv. Genre is rock. Once we hear more from them, we shall be able to narrow down to their respective rock subgenres.

Finally, Hardcore Foundation, the team who brought the German band, A Traitor Like Judas to Kenya in April have big news in store for us. In November, a Dutch band is set to perform in Kenya. Things are getting really interesting here and it’s never been a better time to be a metal fan in Kenya. Hardcore Foundation are doing a great job and all we can hope now is they will continue stunning us with these kind of bands. Details of the coming band shall be released soon.

I will wrap up by giving my favorite jams of this month so far. Thy Art Is Murder’s cover of Duhast released a couple of weeks ago is overtly amazing. Equilibrium’s Prey off their last album Armageddon has all the Equilibrium catchiness and emotion but with a riff fitting for a neck brace. Album is highly recommended. Mixing metal’s momentum and attitude with healthy doses of spookhouse atmospherics and black magic psychedelia, The Reaper Comes by Bloody Hammers is a solid doom jam.

This ends the Kenyan rock scene update! Adios.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are entirely the opinion of the writer and do not show the views of AudioInferno.

This post is written by Robert Keli, a nerd with a big love for the Nordic vibe, Melodic Death Metal being his core poison. He is currently studying (about Vikings) well, telecommunications engineering, and can be found wandering the streets of Nairobi, air drumming to In Flames and occasionally sailing in his custom-made Viking ship inland.

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