Skinflint release the teaser for their upcoming album!

Botswana band, Skinflint

Skinflint have released a teaser track from their upcoming album Chief Of The Ghosts coming out later this year in December. The teaser has a very African tribal feel incorporated with the trademark style guitar playing we have come to expect from Skinflint. But don’t just let me tell you all about it, listen to it for yourself below!

We had the opportunity to chat with Giuseppe Sbrana who is the lead singer for the band.


AudioInferno:  What can we expect from the upcoming album?


The album will be experimental, incorporating traditional African Rhythms with Heavy Metal, as well as more straight up inspired 60s/70s Rock.

AI: This particular track has the same title as the album?

No. It is an intro track to the album. There will however be a title track “Chief of the Ghosts”

AI: What was the inspiration behind this song and will the album follow a similar theme?

We wanted to explore new possibilities and directions to take African Metal. The experimental parts of the album, will have a similar feel to it.

AI: Any events planned for the album launch?

As of now, we are focusing on finalizing the album. When it is done, we will make tour plans

AI: Care to tell us the date for the album release?

The planned release date here is December, 2016.

We are really stoked for the album and judging from the teaser, it’s going to be legendary. I love me some Skinflint and will be waiting with eagerness for this. Keep your dial locked on AudioInferno as we will be bringing you information from Skinflint as we get it. For more on Skinflint, be sure to check out our interview with the band HERE

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