MID WEEK ROUND-UP: 24th to 30th AUG ’16

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It’s the Mid Week Roundup and this might very well be stalking but someone has to bring you guys some info about what bands or rock act around Africa are doing or talking about. We have to insist here folks, these bands need you following. They pretty much do all this for you all and so we ask that you support them with follow backs and comment. Means a lot to them, trust us, we know!

This here nailed out attention! We think it’s worth the check also, too. All the way from Zambia, too. That there should be worth the attention we reckon. Tu Melo is the lead singer for the Zambian band Stasis Prey and this is a side project.

Question asked, replies needed here. Get in.

Listen folks, vlogging is the way to go. Really cool seeing African bands embrace this media for to engage the fans, all about that fan intimacy no? Nicely done Nethercyst!

So this got us excited. It got us a lot more excited when we took our time going through the band line ups. SICK!

Cause to celebrate having a band back on stage, welcome home Animus Fall.

We already have an article up concerning this here but hey, doesn’t hurt having it back on for a double take… double tap? We will stick with double take here.

A bit of sad news that became good news from Zainab here. No way this should happen to a performer in any city. Glad she got it back.

We now have a daddy in the band. Congrats to our vocalist Stefan Prins!!!! #baby #fatherslove #excitingtimes #6thmember #bestdayever #bestgigever

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From sad news to good news! A huge congratulations from us here Stefan Prins! Nothing beats the gift of life, nothing. Cheers.

We’re in the latest German Metal Hammer. #zombies #zombiesatemygirlfriend #metalhammer #wacken #tourthedisaster

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No surprises from us here, well deserved.

Now, there’s more to this here than meets the eye. We won’t spoil things here but we feel you should be excited about this. So watch this space.

You heard them, GUESS!

Pictures here, pictures there, pictures everywhere.

Again from the ladies.

Soap Girls with a brand new single means good news for us and you… you know we won’t forget you guys, we cool right?

Never settling for anything less than the top we see here. XTsamurai for the gold!

And that there wraps it up from us then guys. Watch out for next week’s round-up too. We saw a lot this week, we will have more come next week. And remember folks, support your local bands /,,/

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