Dark Suburb drop album cover and tracklist!

Ghanaian band Dark Suburb have finally dropped the cover of their upcoming album The Start Looks Like The End. This is the album with the awesome songs Hustle feat. EL, Egobe, Color Blind and Mama feat. Wiyala. As you can probably imagine, we are very excited for this. Dark Suburb have proved to be a band that prides themselves on excellent production values and we are interested in seeing what this album has to offer. This will be their first album with an EP having been previously released by the band. The release date has been set as 31st of October, 2016 which is Haloween Day! Perfect timing, if we do say so ourselves. So not long to wait! Check out the tracklist: 

Dark Suburb also released this quote along with the album art and tracklist:

And they thought we were dead?
Skeletons don’t die!
The Revelation was our Genesis
The awakening was never a Nemesis
In our world we see no Judases
The Crucifixion was our Rebirth
Wakati Umefiiikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


We also had a few questions to ask the band. Here they are:

AudioInferno: What platforms will it be available on?

Dark Suburb:

It’s going to be on all major online platforms and there will be CDs available for sale.

Will there be a launch event to celebrate the release?

There will be a press launch with a mini Halloween party.

Any plans for a tour to promote the album?

Yes. We are working on that.

What do you guys think of the current state of the African rock music scene? Any hope for the future?

We think music is African and Rock is picking up as a genre. Many are familiar with rock songs but never recognize it as a genre. The band culture is growing and like anything, it would hit puberty and maturity.

Be sure to listen to their latest single off the upcoming album called Politricks! Hit that play button and enjoy!

We eagerly await this album! Support your local bands and rock on! \m/

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