Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Michael Idiong

It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts playlist! Hold on to your seats as we bring you the top 5 rock music videos that have had a major influence on your favorite rock artistes from Africa! Today, we will be taking it all the way to Nigeria to talk with Michael Idiong, the lead singer of Nigerian rock band, Plus234. Here’s what he had to say on the videos he chose:

Muse – Starlight

 I love this video because I’ve always imagined doing a Rock video on a ship. Like a giant size freighter. Not forgetting, of course, this is one of the best songs in the world. One of my all time favorites.

Nickleback – Saving Me

First of all, Nickelback don’t just make music videos. They make stories. Their videos are ingenious and creative. It’s unfair that I have to choose just 5. Cause all 5 can come from Nickelback. But saving me takes it. The concept was mind-blowing. Kind of like an anime with a character who has the gift or curse to predict who will die next.

Linkin Park – Papercut

Here it’s Chester Vs. Shinoda. They are all over the place. Two vocalists delivering hard punches in one song. ‘the sun goes down ‘ I feel the light betray me… As the band begins to mutate as the sun fades….colours noise harmony fun.

Staind  – It’s Been A While

After watching this I went to buy a cigar (I don’t smoke normally), lit it up, took my semi-acoustic guitar, went to the kitchen and smoked the song to eternity. I played the song 44 times that evening afterwards. The video is just classic, the message etc still a favorite . God bless you, Aaron!

Michael Jackson – Thriller

No comment necessary!

Support your local rock bands and rock on! \m/

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