Egyptian Steel Melodic death metal band ‘SinProphecy’ releases ‘War shall Begin’ video

Sinprophecy has proven they are a force to be reckoned with! And it hard to ignore their growth in Egypt. They have a large army of dedicated fans and with their first official music video “War shall begin” they have proven themselves conquerors in the African metal scene. Having formed in Cairo and played in major metal festivals in Egypt, the lead vocalist of SinprophecySayed Ragai” was willing to offer his thoughts on the video  “War shall begin”.

AudioInferno :War shall begin” is from your upcoming album yes?

Sayed Ragai :

Yeah “Through Sacrifice And Redemption” album coming out on September.

A.I : War shall begin, which track number is it in the upcoming album?
Sayed Ragai :

2nd track and We already released 4 tracks from the upcoming album now which are:

Tears Of A Sinner
Echoes Of Silent Hymns
War Shall Begin

Watch “War Shall Begin” video.

A.I : What does “War Shall Begin” mean? Tell us some more about it.

Sayed Ragai :

The song means the eternal war of sins, between good and evil, as you can see in the video, there are 3 characters, a tyrant, an Executioner, and a victim. The Executioner is just the tool of the tyrant that he uses to torture people, and the band is just the reflection of the victim’s soul, discussing the rebellion, fight and torture, and by the end of the clip we are trying to explain how we can destroy the tyrant if we understood how powerful we are, and how weak and blind he is. So I wish that we could deliver the message by our lyrics and music, so we can witness an end of the tyrants, and watch them falls apart.

A.I : Could you give me a rundown of “War Shall Begin” video process.

Sayed Ragai :

I started by writing the story-line of the video, and then I met the director Mohamed Hany, he’s also the owner of WeCreate For Media Production, and then we started to put a plan for the shooting, location and the actors, and then I discussed all this to my brothers in the band and the actors which are very close friends of mine, and everyone agreed, and we started 1 week later I guess, we took the shots and the whole scenes in 2 days, and then we started to work on the video editing …etc then we unleashed the beast!!!

And that’s it from Sayed Ragai.  Support your local bands \m/ and be sure to check these guys out on their facebook page here.


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