We Introduce to you, Coldfield

Once again AudioInferno brings you a whole new African rock band called COLDFIELD. They are fairly new. COLDFIELD was put together in 2015 by Damian Meyer (ex Subrosa, Christian Heath Band, Nova Rise) after exiting The Awakening (with Ashton Nyte – currently based in the US) after their last S.A. Tour. He left the band due to distance and travel complications.

First to join was Sharne V.Zyl (ex Midnight Scarlet) on vocals.

Sharne V.Zyl


Song writing began in October 2015.

To finish of the line up was Damien Richards on lead, Ryan Greenwood (Burning Blue, Sidewalk Circus) on drums and Ross Cooke on the bass guitar.

The band entered studio with S.A. producer J.P. DeStafani to record their first single ‘Nightmares’ on their upcoming EP. The track was then sent to Chris Bethea in Alabama, USA for final mastering.

COLDFIELD released their debut single ‘Nightmares’ to over 128 radio stations world wide, with the aid of Echo Road Publicity. They received play on over 60 stations globally including stations in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

The track was also released to over 158 online stores, including Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and more!

The band followed up their debut single, with their next hard rock offering ‘Feel Alive‘. Their debut music video is currently in post-production in Australia. This is to be released in the next month, along with their debut music video – being produced by Bjanca Letnic and SA Actor/Producer Brandon Auret (Chappie, Elysium, District 9 etc.) They have shared the stage with top S.A hard rock/metal acts such as ‘Facing The Gallows’, ‘The Just’, ‘Madhouse Theory’, ‘Indigo Reign’, ‘Last Chance Seattle’, ‘Burning Blue’ and many more.

Check out their last single ‘Nightmares’ via their YouTube promo of the Studio Session.

 Currently the band is in the studio finishing up their EP. They are organizing shows and networking with Indie Labels across the world, to work on their first possible indie collaboration.

Seyi Obe

Seyi Obe is a Project Engineer working with an Engineering firm in Lagos, Nigeria. He received a B. Eng in Mechanical Engineering from Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. He loves rock music, and as a critic, he listens to all the sub-genres. His favourite sub-genre is Metalcore. He is head-honcho-in-charge of reviews on AudioInferno.com. When he is not managing any engineering project at the engineering firm where he works, he is here writing reviews for different categories of things, ranging from singles, EPs, albums, concerts and shows. He also writes articles on Rock Music and its development in Africa. He loves taking photographs, and is mostly responsible for supplying the quality high definition pictures that you see around the website.


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