(UPDATE) George Gachiri of Hybrid Actuary talks up ‘The Way of Hybrid’

The Way of HybridWe are usually on the lookout for news about albums and EPs and Shows, Gigs, tours and all that. From time to time we stumble on good news. We classify Hybrid Actuary releasing an album as ‘good news’ so imagine our excitement when this showed up on our Instagram feed:

Long story short, Hybrid Actuary will be releasing an album soon titled The Way of Hybrid (Editor’s Insert: We can confirm now that it’s being reviewed by the iTunes store, when it does get released we will share that information quickly. And also a review of the album will be up soon.) We wanted answers and so we spoke to the man behind it all, George Gachiri. We wanted him to tell us all about this here album, here’s what he had to say:

The way Of The Hybrid is a mix of metal, electronic and acoustic instrumental guitar. It a project that I started around 3 years back. One of the first tracks I made was Woolly mammoth. I was listening to Joe Satriani and I wanted to make a track that had his energy but with my spin on it. I placed it on soundcloud and it got major reviews. Afropunk mentioned that I was a new artist to watch. Once I saw all the positive feedback , I decided to make an album. My creative process is pretty straightforward, if I like something and it inspires me, I create. This can be literally anything. A conversation, a movie or a song . It doesn’t matter . I’ll take from it what I can and create something new. My creativity speaks to the new wave #NuNairobi taking over Kenya and my album is made up of 15 tracks that I have composed. Each track is a different side of my creativity. Essentially my album moves from chaos to harmony. I worked with Saint Evo The Myth. Who has also featured on 2 Tracks. He also taught me how to master music.

My Creativity influence are bands like Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Animals as Leaders among others. This album is my contribution to the Kenyan Creative conversation. It’s all about exceeding your expectations. It’s eclectic in nature and hopefully the audience can enjoy the tracks as much as i have enjoyed making them.

It was a labour of love.

KLAXON!!!!!! The album is currently available on iTunes, and here’s the (LINK)

On Bandcamp too:

One thing we know is this, George Gachiri knows his way around a guitar solo. So, we imagine the album will be a massive cluster bomb of inspired solos,.. hmm, tasty. We ask that you follow his social media pages on here below:

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Also, check out our previous articles on the man himself HERE and HERE

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