Meet The Deathrettes and their Debut Single, Animal

It’s always a proper party here when we discover a new band or the new band discovers us. Either way we party nonetheless. When said new band has a single, well, we lose our shit and bolts or hurry on to listen to said single. The new bands deserve a chance and we are mostly excited to have them on our site so we can show them to the rest of Africa.

The Deathrettes from South Africa started off their band journey in 2015, band members included: Dylan Rooibokkie on lead vocals and guitar, Warren Fisher on rhythm guitar, Michael Clarke on bass and Charl Stemmet on drums.

The band has some major influences from psychedelic rock and a bit of garage groove in there…. Hmmmm, yesssss, Psych! Tasty. Their new single, titled Animal just got a little while back and we have it here for you to listen. You are majorly welcome and we won’t be accepting thanks for that, credit to the band really! WE have jammed this here song and yes, it’s pretty damn sweet if you ask us. I mean, i’m a lover of trippy music and THIS here has my full attention. We here love it and we bet you will do also. Nothing but good vibes. Hey, it might be the 70s over again with this song. Don’t take my word for it, have a listen see.


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