Playlist: Thursday Thoughts with Derrick of DevilSpeak

Thursday Thoughts with Derrick Leppan

Welcome back to AudioInferno’s Thursday Thoughts as we bring you the top 5 rock videos from your favorite rock artistes from Africa. On this eight day of September, we would be dissecting  the five favorite videos of Derrick Leppan, the bassist of Devilspeak. Sit tight and enjoy his videos.

Thursday Thoughts with Derrick Leppan

Wacken Metal Battle 2016 – South Africa by Zombies Ate My Girlfriend – The Spear live

First up the winners of the Wacken Metal Battle 2016, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend! It’s awesome to be able to experience something from their winning set at Wacken this year, their win got the South African metal scene united in excitement when we all found out, it was an amazing thing to be part of even if we weren’t there. Everyone just had love for them with the win and still do, here’s to many more good things happening for them in their future. Their performance here is great, it’s awesome seeing them have so much fun doing this, it makes me wish I was in the crowd experiencing their passion in person at the time. I am also patiently waiting for footage of Overthrust live at Wacken 2016 to make its way to YouTube. Also, there’s footage of two other South African bands that played at the Wacken Metal Battles in previous years you can watch, Infanteria in 2013 (Google search for “Infanteria Wacken“) & Red Helen in 2014 (YouTube search for “Red Helen Wacken 2014”).

Raw Footage by Yob at Hoverfest (Part I – Quantum Mystic – In Our Blood)

I love YOB, a great doom band for me. I might play in a fast band, but I like my doom. This unedited live footage of them oozes passion & power, their performance here looks like it must have been magic in itself to be there in person. Proves being in a doom band does not mean one has to remain stationary & inert when playing live, put some of your life into your art whatever it is you do. I’ve never seen them live but hope to one day, tis a dream for me.  If you want to see the full edited set of this show YouTube search for “Yob at Hoverfest (complete)”. Other doom bands I enjoy include Sleep, Electric Wizard & Sahg.  Check out The League Of Doom page on Facebook for updates on doom in South Africa.

St. Pauli Sessions – complete

I really enjoy discovering 2 piece metal bands, they always seem to be extra passionate in the delivery of their material on record or in the live space. This is Mantar, a 2 piece sludge vibed metal band from Germany, and this St Pauli session of theirs is superb, so up close & personal you can almost smell the sweat. I watch & listen to this one more than I’d care to admit. Other 2 piece metal bands I enjoy a bit include Bölzer, Inquisition & Tempel. I don’t personally know of any 2 piece metal bands in South Africa (please enlighten me!), but there are a few 2 piece bands in other genres I quite enjoy such as The Hellcats & Death Panthers.

RUSSIAN CIRCLES live at Saint VItus Bar, Jan. 9th, 2016 (FULL SET)

Russian Circles is a killer 3 piece instrumental band who sound like they’re a 5 piece live, the guitarist is a loop pedal master of note & their drummer is just so good. I quite enjoy instrumental music myself. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing Russian Circles live before and they are fantastic, pulling off every song they do with even more passion live than on the record. This live show is great and is the 2nd one they did in 2 days, the other is up on YouTube too if you want to compare the performances, YouTube search for “RUSSIAN CIRCLES live at Saint VItus Bar, Jan. 8th, 2016 (FULL SET)”.

This is filmed by Frank Huang who does Pit Full of Shit which is a blog where he posts band live sets he films, and he films a lot, documenting the scene there for free out of passion for it. If you enjoy watching great live band performances there’s a treasure trove to be found at & It would be awesome if someone was documenting the current scene in South Africa like this (or more bands filmed their sets), things right now are worth the efforts I believe.  OhGod are an amazing instrumental band to check out in South Africa, YouTube search for “Ohgod – Pylons [Official Live Video HD]” to see their latest live video.

If you don’t like SLAYER you don’t like metal. Period. This video needs to have so many more views, quite possibly my favourite live video ever due to its historical importance to me personally. This is like a time machine letting you see SLAYER live before they became so famous, it’s truly a blessing for me, and to see that they owned it then too proves they were destined for the greatness they achieved. Truly inspiring! Other bands like SLAYER don’t exist, and I have had the good fortune of seeing the original line up live before, that was INTENSE in the best way and a memory I hold dear as I got to do it with my best friend and old band mates, and we are all SLAYER maniacs to a man. It’s also awesome to share the passion for SLAYER with my fellow stringed instrument players in DevilSpeak – Azaliyah & De Wet actually met through an advert De Wet put on Gumtree saying “Looking for someone to play SLAYER covers with” and that was the very early beginnings of what eventually became DevilSpeak.

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