Rage LiveCast Ep.4: Why Metal Fans are Dicks

HEYOOOO, Welcome to this late Rage LiveCast episode, episode 4 by the way. Check it; you like Metal then you’re ‘probably’ a dick. PROBABLY. Chances are you probably pissed just about everyone you met while you were busy proclaiming the awesomeness that is Metal. Time to pull your head out your ass says I. Quit with the dick like behavior. Respect other genres of Rock music. It’s huge (Rock music) really and there are lots of variations. Hell, you might even be a musical equivalent of a racist even. That’s kind of taking it a bit to far but you get the basic idea there.

This podcast was specifically designed to be a topic worth discussing so we ask you to leave comment on what you feel about this here. Let us know if some Metal fan was really mean to you, we would like their address also and their school too. We just want to talk is all. Have a kick ass Friday guys and as always,

Support your local bands /,,/

Song featured on the podcast: Curtains of Conformity by Enraged


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