(Song Review) Kill Myself by NathMac

NathMac crooning Kill Myself

NathMac crooning

The Band:

After the release of his début EP titled The World Should Be A Blue City, most fans have been curious about what to expect from the Nigerian Alternative Rocker with the golden voice, NathMac. Kill Myself seems to be the answer to all those questions and more as it gives a hint about what to expect in the future.

The Song:

The song starts with NathMac counting “1, 2, 3, Go” after which the acoustic guitar enters with light strumming. A few seconds later the lead guitar starts to play at the background just before the first verse begins and the drums starts to keep count. The drums slowly begin to rise until it hits a climax introducing the listener to the chorus.

After the first chorus, the second verse and chorus follow which take the same pattern as the first. This leads us to the best part of the song, a guitar solo by the lead guitarist who finally leaves the background of the song for a bit to take center stage for a couple of seconds.

NathMac then returns with a bridge of some sorts which ends up turning to a outro as he never returns to the chorus, instead he and the lead guitarist takes the listener on a ride that displays his vocal dexterity and the guitarist’s skills.

Frankly speaking, Kill Myself is an amazing song in every sense of the word. For those that already know NathMac, you already know what to expect of him vocally so I won’t focus on that in this review. The true beauty of this song lies in the execution of the song and how he managed to fit all the elements together to create a simple and yet classic number.


On a final note, it would be wrong to finish this review without commending the lead guitarist who probably played the most integral role in making this song what it is. Kill Myself is simple, relatable and definitely leaves you hungry for more from NathMac .

Final Rating:


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