(Album Review) The Way of the Hybrid by Hybrid Actuary

If the vocals can be consider the souls of a song then perhaps the instruments, solo, riffs, drum line can be considered the essence of a song then. You get the feeling one can’t exist or persist without the presence of the other. Not so much the case here with The Way of the Hybrid, Hybrid Actuary’s first album.


The Way of the Hybrid can be considered to be an instrumental album (well, that’s what it is period.) A quote here too from our talk with George Gachiri, the man behind Hybrid Actuary:

“I decided to make an album. My creative process is pretty straightforward, if I like something and it inspires me, I create. This can be literally anything. A conversation, a movie or a song . It doesn’t matter. I’ll take from it what I can and create something new.”

And that’s what you’ll be getting when you decide to listen to this album. Anything. Well, not literally but pretty close. The album seems to have it all. Finger blistering solos to jaw dropping riffs. Then, occasionally things are slowed down then the album sucker punches you with some funk type version of House music. You’re left wondering where all that comes from so I refer you to the quote once again. There are a couple of standout tracks on this album. My picks will be Haunted by You, Love and Anxiety and EQ Funk. This is the sort of album that will cater to the mass, not the select many who love ONE genre or ONE sub genre. Perhaps they would love it too, maybe find something in this album to love over the rest. I see that happening. Just as George Gachiri said, “I’ll take from it what I can and create something new.” you get something pleasantly new from every song on the album. So, it keeps you expectant and the experience somewhat fresh. I did however have fears that this album could get tiring, nothing but long instrumentals but, I was proven
wrong. The only real negative to the album isn’t something that can turn you away from the album, no, absolutely not. It’s the fact that when you listen to some of the songs you’re left wondering, “can you imagine so and so singing/growling/screaming on that song there?” This thought haunts you bad. At times, it distracts you. We won’t take nothing away from Hybrid Actuary and their style though. And we won’t ask for a change either.



There’s something here for everyone. Even the ones who favor one genre of rock or music as a whole. While George Gachiri does his best to approach every song with a kick ass level of finesse and precisions there are songs on here which are miles better than the rest. I named my fav few, Now’s your turn to name yours.


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