Rock The Nation Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Botswana Independence

It’s no news that Rock The Nation is one of the major festival in Botswana. They have 2 major festivals annually,  Overthrust Wintermetal mania and Rock the Nation Rockfest. It has been a good year for the metal-heads in Botswana as Overthrust has represented Africa in Europe and they keep raising the Botswana metal flag HIGH.

Rock the Nation is a Live Rock Music Talent Showcase (Concert), whose mission is to highlight the existence & excellence of the local rock bands in Botswana. The initiative is devoted to building awareness and creating opportunities for local musicians and to raise the profile of Botswana’s local rock music scene. Rock The Nation seeks to partner with local musicians, arts organizations, venues and locally owned businesses to create performance opportunities and new avenues for local music exploration.

So this year’s Rock The Nation would be a 2-day outdoor Rockfest from September 23 to September 25, featuring over 15 bands from Botswana and South Africa. There would be a weekend retreat with bands performing live, camping, hill climbing, bush drives and even a parade and a motorcade.

The bands on the line-up for this year’s Rock The Nation event is as follows:

From South Africa

Noxious Terrorstrike

Rock The Nation
Envious Despair

Rock The Nation
Kadawer Dialoog

Rock The Nation

From Botswana



Metal Orizon

metal o
Raven In Flesh

raven in flesh


Alive N Bolder

alive n bolber
Dust N Fire

dust n fire



Stay tuned to Audioinferno as we are going to be interviewing BigSpu Maphane, the founder of Rock the Nation.

Keep supporting your local bands\m/



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