Boagojamodimo Bomobathong Speaks With Audioinferno About Rock The Nation

We here at Audioinferno towers (we maintain the claim we actually have a tower) spoke to the founder of Rock the Nation by the name of  Boagojamodimo Bomobathong. Enjoy the interview.

Audioinferno:  Botswana is a country where foreigners come from far and near to watch how the Botswana metalheads display, would there be showcases of metalheads parades and motorcades in this coming festival?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

Its strictly metal and this venue is closer than Gantsi, attendance is huge and it seems like it’s gonna be bigger this year. We have two major rock events in Botswana, the Overthrust Metal Mania (charity) and Rock The Nation (To Inspire, support and share the talents of the many independent rock artists in Botswana). We are going to have a motorcade and a parade to amp the hype.

Audioinferno: Are you one of the founder of RTN?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

I am the founder.

Audioinferno: What made you create RTN? 

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

Lack of rock events, bands had no place, no show, no one wanted to sponsor the bands so we had to do it.

Audioinferno: WE appreciate your effort to the Botswanian scene so when was RTN formed?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

We started it in 2011. We wanted a show where all local rock bands are free to show the nation their talents. We wanted opportunities for bands, the live music scene was also dying and we had to revive it otherwise the local scene in botswana would be doomed. The RTN mission has not yet been achieved but the scene exposure part is getting there, opportunities are still lagging and this is our last showcase. Next year it will be a fully fledged concert and I guess it will be the opportunity if none are presented. Bands will have to earn a spot because we wanna get other genres involved so we can up metal exposure.

It has always been our aim to inspire band formation. New bands have Friday (23rd September) dedicated to them. The Saturday is for the tried and tested. Dust n Fire as hosts of this year’s have no album yet but recording is ongoing. The thing is people don’t buy CD these days, it’s all downloads. We are still looking at ways to penetrate this type of deals, in the meantime we can’t really go ahead with releases till we are sorted digitally. We will be releasing a single in a few days but only for radio. We are not gonna upload it to the internet.

Audioinferno: Awesome so in the first event of RTN, how was it, how many people showed up?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

Reception was good and about 1000 people showed.

Audioinferno: How many people showed up last year?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

About a 1200.

Audioinferno: So this year, you expect a lot more right?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

Just 100 or 50 more, we do expect growth but we had a venue change, from Palapye to Serowe. It might affect the show but we’ll see about that.

Audioinferno: Any reasons why you changed from Palapye to Serowe?

Boagojamodimo Bomobathong:

Palapye venue was booked and we wanted to go outdoors and include camping. We couldn’t resist the location.

And there you have it people, heard it all from Boagojamodimo Bomobathong, the scene’s getting bigger in Botswana, that means people are making the right moves then. We say cheers to them and remember folks, support your local bands /,,/



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