Dream of Nightmares releases official video ‘Remnants’


Dream of Nightmares, a Bloemfontein metal band influenced by black and thrash metal has just released an official new video called “Remnants” recorded by Bartho Lubbe at Practical Audio Solutions. The video was shot by Neil Janeke from Neil Janeke photo. It’s the first release from their new album still in the making, stay tuned to Audioinferno to know when they would release the name of the album.

Watch Remnants by Dream of Nightmares

So Audioinferno asked Hansen Pieterse, the guitarist of the band on what the song meant lyrically:

Well, post apocalyptic, remnants being something that means the little bit of something etc the lyrics say remnants of pain, fear, misery etc, all speaks for itself saying that there is almost none of it left or just a little bit, it’s like the closing part of a book, where you get an explanation of what’s left of the whole story, which in this case will be the end/closing part of the new album.

So will Dream of Nightmares upcoming album be a concept album ?? We wait, we watch. We chew on fingers… ours though, cos, cos, chewing on any other would be creepy right. Right?

Stay tuned to Audioinferno for that and support your local bands\m/


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