(UPDATE) Junkyard Lipstick set to release their long awaited album, Repulsive Judgement

So this has been long coming and we already have our review on the album ready but the glory day is already upon us people, new day, brand new album titled Repulsive Judgement from the ladies of Cape Town, Junkyard Lipstick. Yes folks the ladies who do the Thrash Metal genre proud.

Now in case you can’t your gummy mitts on the album yet, the band was gracious enough to let out a single and we have it on here to listen to. Don’t you dare thank us people, thank the ladies, pretty sweet tune if we do say so ourselves here.

We will update you on where you can get your hands on the album so stay tuned on here, the album officially drops on the 23rd of September (tomorrow). You won’t have to wait long on the review too. Oh that’s coming! For more on anything Junkyard Lipstick, visit their SoundCloud page. You won’t be disappointed.

Update: WE DID PROMISE TO UPDATE, and here you have it folks. The album Repulsive Judgement has been released and it’s available for purchase. It’s also possible to stream the album but I suspect the band would much prefer buying the album still. Show some support for the ladies doing the Thrash Genre proud.

Album available on iTunes, BandCamp, SoundCloud, cdbaby.

From us here at AudioInferno, we say what we always say:

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