(EP Review) Come Closer by The Liminals

The Band:

Some will describe The Liminals as the new kids on the block and up until I listened to the Come Closer EP, I would have agreed with this description. Unfortunately (and this is a good thing), Come Closer gives you the feeling that these guys have done this for a very long time and it’s almost unbelievable that it’s their début EP.

The EP:

The EP kicks off with “Indigo” which they released as a single December last year. The song starts off with the drums followed by the guitars playing one of the catchiest progressions you’ll ever hear (no jokes). It’s difficult not to get right in the swing of it, tapping your feet and maybe even busting a move as Aviwe Sikele’s voice takes you on a fun ride. The great thing about this song is that it’s groovy but not in an annoying cheesy way, it strikes a perfect balance in rhythm and melody introducing to the work of art that is “Come Closer”.

“Snarl Up” the second track is almost a sharp contrast to Indigo, with its “Biffy Clyro-like” style and “fist pumping pace,” this alternative rock tune is almost like the band demanding that you take them seriously just in case the first track wasn’t in your niche. The next track “Broken Fingers” slows down the pace of the record giving Aviwe a chance to show his vocal prowess, he handles the song with a delicate touch. Dylan Fine also delivers a short solo that came across as tease (I really want to hear more from his fingers).

“Lay You Down” takes the more conventional indie rock approach from start to finish giving the band a place among indie rock hits like “Naïve” by The Kooks or “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand.

We finally come to an end with “Sondela” which by far is my best song on the EP. My only regret is that I do not understand the language and for this song I am very willing to learn. Musically, it’s brewed to near perfection with the right mix of the band’s South African roots, catchy runs and lovely chants.


To put it simply, Come Closer is a beautiful record. The level of diversity on it is quite impressive for a five track EP, the only thing I believe the band needs to work on is taking more risks with their sound and allowing their individuality to shine through a little bit more.

Conclusively, it’s a highly impressive work of art and I cannot wait for their full length album.

Final Rating:


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