‘Vale of Amonition’ Release New Single “Of A Painting Grim (The Apostle Gray And The Harvest Black)”

Ugandan Dark Epic Tribal Doom Progressive Ancient Occult band ‘Vale of Amonition’ has returned to the spotlight with their first single ‘Of A Painting Grim (The Apostle Gray And The Harvest Black)’, from their forthcoming second  album. Vale of Amonition have built a doom tower legacy over the course of their 7 year career in the African scene with a 2 man band featuring Victor T. Arthur on vocals and Solomon dust on guitars. The first offering from the Ugandan band which is their latest single is a cool, really dark, heavy and nihilistic track. Audioinferno would be watching out for this band so stay tuned to this space to know more about this band. If you are into doom, then Vale of Amonition is for you. Your first hand African doom metal band.

What comes across from this Ugandan doom metal band is the venom that oozes from their songs. The sad, embittered and lyrical proclamation you feel when you listen to the band. These guys embrace the power of doom and infuse the ingredients of doom into their songs. Victor T. Arthur is a pure lyrical poet, he channels all the anger, negativity, hatred and fuses them into his songs

We here at the Audioinferno Towers asked Victor T. Arthur aka Vickonomy, what does the track means lyrically?

The lyrics are more in a storytelling format than a personal one. There’s that side of the Vale where things are felt and communicated more in an impersonal way, where I take on a character and get away from myself. The dark shades come from a place within my self and my situation but are not necessarily speaking about what I may be going through at that particular time.

This song in particular though for me metaphorically examines the closeness of two people who feed upon each others’ misery without offering much else in return. The “death” of one of them is merely a total surrender to the other’s darkness and the remaining one feels the need to carry on the cycle of misery that they have carefully cultivated. I think it is about discovering that the ties that bind can sometimes be really light less and desperate, but that doesn’t make them any less significant or worthy.

Watch Vale of Amonition in this video:

Song was recorded in Ruaka, Nairobi, Kenya. Victor wrote the lyrics and did the vocals of the track, while Solomon dust played the guitar and bass. Kaymore played the drums although he isn’t in the band, he also produced the track.

A review of this track will be made available very soon. This would be the first African Doom Metal song we would be publishing this year. We here at Audioinferno know that African Doomhammer is recording somewhere in the Namibian desert, you should know that desert provokes Doom Metal. If you know there are African Doom Metal bands that have recorded this year, hit us at the comment box.

Is Kenya the home of African doom metal as Victor says there are tons of space to get lost to?

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