Ethiopian group Jano Band Nominated For Best African Rock Music Group in AFRIMA 3.0

Jano Band

Jano Band is an Ethiopian musical group who has been nominated in 2 categories in the upcoming African Music Awards (AFRIMA 3.0). They are nominated for Best African group and Best group in African rock. So Audioinferno had a chat with Dibekulu Tafessa, the vocalist of Jano band. Enjoy the interview.

Jano Band

Jano comprises, from left: Michael Hailu, Kirubel Tesfaye, Dibekulu Tafesse, Edward Gazeri , Gudeta Bezabih, Gemechu Mezgebu, Yohannes Mekonnen, Hewan Gebrewold, Haleluya Tekletsadik, and Hailu Amerga.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your AFRIMA nomination?

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

We are so excited about our AFRIMA nomination cause it’s our first African award nomination and we believe it’s a great chance to introduce our music to the rest of the continent.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your fellow nominees and who do you think will win?

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

Well it’s hard to confess who will win the award cause every nominee has its own unique quality and very competitive spirit.

Audioinferno: What is your band’s influence and who do you guys listen to?

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

As a band we have the same vision and a strong felling on the music that we play but individually every member of the band has their own influence from different genres and artists from all over the world but collectively we are influenced by our own legendary singers from the 60s and the 70s in the Ethiopian calender.

Audioinferno: How is your music received in Ethiopia and if there are any other bands, do shed some light.

Dibekulu Tafesse f Jano Band:

When we first released our first album we were so afraid that the community won’t accept us because our music was a lil bit different from the usual Ethiopian music scene and styles but after we released our first music video “Ayrak” people started to give us attention especially the younger people in colleges and high schools, then everything started to change and now we have the youngest and the biggest fan base in Ethiopia. And yes there are other bands like Mehari brothers who play r&b/soul and they are also nominees on AFRIMA.

Audioinferno: Is there a rock scene in Ethiopia because your band is the only band I know from Ethiopia.

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

The rock scene in Ethiopia is not strong but we believe we’ve brought some influence on the overall music scene in Ethiopia because of our music. We have seen different young people trying to create a band that play Ethiopian rock and young singers with a great energy.

Listen to Darigne by Jano Band

Audioinferno: Categorize and describe your own music.

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

The music we play is categorized as alternative Ethiopian rock because our songs are a fusion of Ethiopian melodies, scales and rhythms fused with the rock guitar sound and different Ethiopian traditional instruments.

Audioinferno: How do people in Ethiopia view rock and metal music?

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

Nowadays people are giving ears to rock music because of our music. Our music keeps the Ethiopian flavor and rhythms in it so people are enjoying rock music and Ethiopian music all together.

Audioinferno: Are your supporters in Ethiopia familiar with AFRIMA?

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

Yes most people are familiar with AFRIMA. There were artists from Ethiopia who were nominated in the earlier AFRIMA award.

Audioinferno: Which artists do the you like that has been nominated for any category?

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

We can’t say this and that artist cause as I told you in the previous question we appreciate every African artist who are nominated because of their unique style in their music.

Audioinferno: Say something to your fans around Africa.

Dibekulu Tafesse of Jano Band:

We wanna say thank you Africa for all the support. We will dedicate ourselves to bringing a new taste of sound , style , music and unity through our music to Africa.

With the way the band is progressing, Jano Band just might be the next big thing that will happen to the Ethiopian Music Industry.

You can get to know more about the band by checking their facebook page HERE

Click HERE to vote for Jano Band in their nominated categories

Jano Band



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